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The second reason people are tempted The Shepherd's Diet  to try these diets is because they often have been referred by a friend. Unfortunately, many people take most testimonials at face value. It does not occur to them that their friends might be mistaken. While it is extremely unlikely that their friends are lying to them, it is very possible that their friends are unaware of the science behind effective dieting and effective dieting procedures. Their friends may have been exercising while they tried the juice diet, and attribute the success of their weight loss to the juice diet. Or the juice diet may have inspired them to lose weight in the future and following those efforts they began to lose weight successfully, and attributed that to the juice diet as well.

The third reason that people are tempted to try juice diets is because there is a great amount of misinformation in the world about the effectiveness of different fad diets, and how people can actually really lose weight. Most people that try to lose weight are looking for a magic bullet. Unfortunately for everyone, there is no magic bullet. But that hasn't stopped a great number of people from trying to find it. However, even though they are searching for it; they haven't found it yet and probably never will.Are you wondering what the secret is behind the new juice diets that seem to promise so much and deliver so little? Well, although I hate to tell you this and I'm sorry to disappoint you, these diets are a scam. It's not obvious at first, but with a little research you can soon find out for yourself that juice diets and everything they seem to promise are misleading the public. You may ask yourself how we came to this situation.

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