Wood plastic flower frame

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Also known as plastic wood flower rack, is made of wood-plastic flower frame, usually used in the construction of landscape architecture, can play a division of plant space, increasing the role of the depth of the landscape. Wood-plastic flower racks can also provide growth conditions for certain plants. WPC is a combination of solid wood and plastic, so wood-plastic flower-wood both the intimacy of solid wood, plastic and good moisture-resistant durable, corrosion-resistant, anti-moth-eaten, environmentally friendly and beautiful and practical.
Features: 1, moisture-resistant corrosion: Wood plastic flower frame in a humid environment will not produce decay phenomenon, you can replace the wooden flower racks in some wet places to use.
2, insect pest damage: wood plastic flower frame because of the special nature of its materials, as well as plastic materials can effectively prevent insect ants, to extend the life of flower racks.
3, plasticity, good processing: wood plastic flower frame can be set, planing, can be sawed, drill, the surface can be painted, can be customized according to consumer preferences, design a simple but full of personalized style, can The maximum to meet the individual requirements of consumers.
4, selectivity: Wood plastic flower color, shape a wide range. Users can customize the colors and textures needed to suit their preferences.
WPC Decking Price - Cheap External Decking Floor - Seven Trust
woodgrain effect textured external cladding
uses for scraps left from composite decks
wood plastic composite termite resistant

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