Wood - plastic floor installation considerations

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Wood-plastic board is a new type of building materials products, mainly from wood (wood cellulose, plant cellulose) as the base material and thermoplastic polymer materials (plastics) and processing aids, and then mixed by the mold equipment heating extrusion And made of high-tech green environmental protection materials, is currently widely used in outdoor landscape decoration industry, especially wood-plastic flooring more widely, but if the quality of the installation of wood-plastic floor, however, will still affect its superior performance, Wood-plastic floor of the process need to pay attention to:
1, due to the density of wood-plastic material itself in the use of self-tapping screws are required to drill holes, and then self-tapping screw fastening.
2, the installation of fixed keel requirements Face formation, no potholes, keel spacing L in the 300mm ~ 350mm.
3, for large area of ​​wood flooring pavement, it is recommended to use graphical installation, the length of each wood-plastic floor of not more than 2 meters.
4, wood-plastic flooring edge processing: wood-plastic flooring edge using wood-plastic sheet B10-140 or B16-70 for edge, according to the height of the floor keel, the B14-140 or B16-70 need to cut Height, fixed edge of wood-plastic self-tapping screw spacing in the 400mm ~ 600mm. You can also use other metal edge banding as a wood-plastic floor edge.
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