Wood - plastic composite materials: green building leader

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The pace of development of green building, wood-plastic composite materials give full play to its advantages, as an important member of the target, and has broad prospects for development.
    It is understood that wood-plastic materials with thermoplastic products not only have the natural texture of wood, while overcoming the natural wood in the use of easily deformed, Alice crack, easy moldy, infestation by insects and other fatal flaws, no complex post-maintenance, Long service life; easy to process the processing characteristics, but also greatly improved the creep of plastic products serious defects, the overall mechanical properties have been significantly improved; both can use the general plastic processing equipment for different cross-section molding products can also be like wood The use of ordinary woodworking machinery for the length of cutting, surface sanding molding products such as post-processing; both through the use of recycled plastics and waste of natural fibers to achieve waste utilization, but also through the recycling of products to avoid adverse effects on the environment, Truly in line with national environmental protection policy of new green building materials products.
    The scope of application of wood-plastic composite materials can almost cover the original fields of wood, plastic, ceramics, plastic steel, aluminum alloy and other similar composite materials, and has begun to infiltrate the building, home improvement, furniture, automobile, transportation, logistics, Landscape, municipal, environmental protection, sports, and even military fields, the radiation surface and influence is gradually expanded, the application prospect is very broad.
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