Wood flooring revolution: Solid Wood Flooring worry Installation Method

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Inviato il 25 Gennaio 2016, 09:27:35


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Since laying wood flooring craft obsolete, making high complaint rate of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring in heavily affected the market share. Now, a new method of wholesale eco floor coverings - wood floor worries mounting method was born. Worry install solid wood flooring installation method principle is: with a special metal jig solid wood boards on aluminum track, you can slide horizontally fixtures and wood floors on the track; solid wood floor from wall to stay 10-15MM gap, and spring against the solid wood flooring, solid wood floor in order to overcome the normal expansion and contraction. Solid wood flooring and the track is formed after installation as a whole, will be better by the wood floor surface gravity evenly distributed throughout the ground.

Advantages of solid wood flooring installation method worry: the main material made of aluminum alloy and alloy track made of spring steel, no corrosion, deformation. If the Wholesale Outdoor Floor flatness is poor, it does not require a dedicated ground leveling process. Lower rail has semi-rigid resilient material, for usually find available special filler for leveling fixed. Without drilling on the ground, does not destroy the structure floor. Geothermal heating on the ground, there is ground pipes can be used. When installed, without nails fixing wood floors, wood floors from damage, can be too heavy to use after disassembly.

Solid wood flooring in the fixed rail in the vertical direction, but free to slide in the direction of injustice, not because of the normal deformation of the wood flooring bagging contraction joint, but without loosening and shedding phenomenon. Quick installation, ease disassembly, installation efficiency of up to 15-20 m / man-days. This product meets the national standard GB15036-94 mortise floor can be used for all kinds of solid wood flooring. Now large scale use in Tianjin, Shanghai and other places. Beijing region will immediately begin to promote the use. Share the article you might be interested in: solid wood flooring elements which can not be the case undergrowth ECO Floor For Sale coverings? Reason solid wood flooring using common quality problems have? Teach you four strokes, whether to identify environmentally friendly wood working groups for different types of wood floors

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