Wood flooring experts advise: Do not buy eight kinds of wood flooring

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Now the wood flooring market was mixed, real to the enemy, in this, the boat flooring material deck experts remind consumers that there are eight kinds of wood floors is not so purchased: First, do not buy the insurance companies underwriting the wood: The reason is you can not reach Insurance Conditions, the real insurance companies will have a lot of additional conditions, such as: at a suitable temperature, humidity, and in strict accordance with standard construction, and completion date of the room, dry and wet ground level are strictly controlled, and you have to provide adequate proof that you completed under qualified conditions, think about it, these things maybe someone can do it, will you?

Second, do not believe the back foil wood: This serrata Tim has taste, its role is just beautiful in his hand, and for that you overcharged a few dollars per square meter, moisture it for flooring suppliers of propaganda, will not play any positive role, on the contrary, it is a wooden floor itself will hinder normal stretching and water balance, but also because that layer of aluminum is up with the adhesive, but also adds unnecessary release of formaldehyde, there are real harm no one's interest, in Europe, the United States, in any country in the world (excluding China) you will not see this stupid product. Third, do not believe the promises never deformation flooring: wood flooring in the world no one is never deformed, as long as it is made of wood, he will have stretch, there will be normal deformation of probability, I have seen a Species floor, his ads are "a certain floor, determined not deformation," which is a way of saying connoisseur laugh, this is the real commercial fraud in China actually can be used as advertising language, interesting.

Fourth, do not buy a show of celebrity flooring: wood flooring is low-tech low-profit products, any business will be costing a huge amount of advertising costs and ultimately to the consumer payment, or else had to reduce wood quality. Fifth, do not buy vegetarian plate: vegetarian plate that is not painted wood floor, of course, your company may have artisan or decorations are many reasons to recommend you vegetarian plate, it is easy to leveling the ground, paint seamless etc., but I I tell you, he was just to much to labor charges, or with the plain board manufacturers have ulterior transaction, because the keel wooden floor leveling is done, if he even keel have done injustice, but also with floor leveling, he The craft must not be a compliment. In addition, questions about the seamless finish, we all know, there will be retractable wooden floors, plain plate after the first painting pavement, seemingly flat, can stretch the floor once, that happens build a park bench cracks, more ugly, and paint the board itself The gap uniform and neat, but very beautiful, in addition, to ask the Consumers Association, prime quality wood flooring board finds how difficult will be, no matter what problems arise if controversial, you will find what you are passive . Six, do not buy add color wood: China has a lot of manufacturers are herein veteran, wood floors add color can create higher profits, by the grade B board repair, coloring, it allows an outsider looks like A-level board, but it feature is dark in color, texture is not clear, it will happen in about cracking paint you half pavement, imagine, who would put the board level board A beautiful stained it, so in order to quality real wood floor, do not buy add color board.

Seven, do not think that a hundred years or decades wood floors are available: Normal life of the floor is generally 20 to 30 years coming to an end, although it has 18 mm thick, but the wood floor is sub-surface, medium and low three layers, surface layer typically 6mm, the surface layer and middle nails at the corners is used, that is the life of your flooring to expose the nail or tongue and groove so far, but this is enough, no matter no matter how good the wood, use your house life expectancy does not exceed 70 years, and some even 50 years, second homes do not say, three generations reacting a wood floor, you can do that? Eight, do not buy plastic bayonet mount of acres of wood: its ads can say very beautiful, but that is untrue, the United States and Europe, wood floors never be useful for this method to install, because the gap between telescopic and plastic timber is very large, and snap-called small adjustment telescopic steel springs or the life at room temperature will not exceed one year, they will lose the role of corrosion, this time under the wooden floor will be a sound, it will arch will loose, there are many you can not think of a problem, you want to avoid trouble, using traditional installation methods, after all, is the traditional wood flooring products. Share the article you might be interested in: wood flooring professional terminology to the scene for an inspection of the items out of the box easy way how to clean your deck experts teach you how to identify Burmese teak wood flooring optional rule: only choose right, do not choose expensive senior interior designer wood flooring purchase experience to buy new idea: a narrow board equally attractive

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