Wood floor, OK? What decoration buy floor good?

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backyard decking designs and more popular, not only because of the decoration is good, but also comfortable, health longevity effect, the price is expensive. That wood flooring in the end it really good? What decoration buy floor good? Consider the following information about wood flooring, wood flooring we know good bad! Renovation aims to improve and enhance their quality of life, quality of life measured by the decoration has two main features: the first is to look beautiful, and the second is to be comfortable with them, we can from these two aspects to look at the wooden floor, OK?

Start with the aesthetics of this perspective is good wood floor, from the White House to the British writer Shakespeare home, and then Royce interiors, without exception, the choice is wood, wood products, which we can see that people love for wood products, but also from the comfort of this aspect again looking at the wooden floor is good, scientists at the University of Tokyo with a three experiments done on mice: mice were placed in the three wood, metal and cement of the box. This gave birth to three mice pups were 15-18, after three weeks, wooden box of pups survive ninety percent, metal and concrete box that only 40 percent of the pups survived. Scientists and scientific experiments have answered a non slip floor covering really good question.

We all know that neighboring Japan, their lifestyle sit, down, stand, all barefoot on the ground, they spread the floor are wooden floors, and now science has proven Japanese longevity and use of wood are closely related, According to the World Health Organization released a report shows that the average life expectancy of up to 83-year-old Japanese, ranked first in all countries. This figure than our higher than China's average life expectancy 10 years. I think this may be a good answer ldquo; good wood floor problem

Finally, we look at the price of wood flooring wood flooring good, a price of 300 yuan plus 40 yuan floor tiles labor costs, the price can buy one square meter classy wood species wood floors, or 3- 5 square meters of laminate flooring, then the price at the same conditions, of course, than choose wood floor tiles cost more. Currently, wood floors divided solid wood flooring, parquet and laminate flooring. Consumers can according to their own decoration style and economic conditions to select their favorite terrace flooring options.

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