White furniture advantages and disadvantages

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The advantages of white furniture
Many people choose white furniture because it is simple, clean, visually gives great modern effect. To the Nordic style of home decoration in this kind of furniture is very widely used. White can make people feel the open space, like some small living room if the use of white furniture can avoid the feeling of crowded. White is a wild color, to adapt to a variety of styles, to adapt to a variety of colors, so that you can save the cost of decoration.
White furniture shortcomings
The shortcomings of white furniture are equally obvious. First is reflective. Reflective will make people feel uncomfortable, this defect in the white light of the furniture is particularly evident. Followed by difficult to care and maintenance. White furniture in the long years will slowly turn yellow, split, care to be very careful.
White furniture maintenance small coup
1, tea. Paint the furniture stained with dust, you can use gauze wrapped in some slightly wet tea leaves wipe, or with a small cloth dipped in a little thick tea or toilet water, and a little alcohol, gently wipe, you can remove, and then dry with a cloth. But after wiping the furniture with tea, be sure to forget to use the wet cloth dampened with water (pay attention to wiping the damp) and then clean the tea. Because the tea is usually tea stains, leaving the paint surface will affect the original color of furniture.
2, toothpaste. White paint furniture for a long time when the yellowing, you can use a rag dipped in toothpaste or toothpaste gently deposited in the above, the use of toothpaste bleaching effect, yellowing phenomenon can be greatly improved. But wipe when the friction should not be forced, because the toothpaste powder in the friction agent will wear off the paint, will damage the surface of the furniture, wet cloth to remove the toothpaste remnants and then dry cloth dry.
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