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Just renovated consumers will be very clear: The current parquet market, brands are a wide variety of products and concepts emerging pattern, choose great reputation, a good brand reputation, such as viewing enterprise product testing certificates, such as buying too high Such imported floor, mostly Portugal, Finland, Belgium, Germany, the origin of the product, but the good kind of engineered wood flooring? Which parquet good & mdash; the trick a foam composite panel distributors, wood flooring, laminate flooring, three-layer parquet, laminate flooring and other categories of environmental health has high quality flooring, but different material, technology, enterprise responsible grade products vary widely, consumers in the purchase, be sure to look for the brand and product test reports, word of mouth.

Which parquet good & mdash; Second trick in the current evaluation on environmental health, the main level E0, E1 class, China Environmental Labeling Product Certification, ISO14001 environment system certification, F4 stars, etc. Recently the EU has introduced FSC certification . Generally speaking, in line with E0 class, E1-level terrace flooring options in the country belong to the standard products, but to fit more stringent international standards, there is a gap, because some multinational brands to create a long history, large-scale timber resources and have numerous precious materials, brand strength, naturally belong to a higher level of environmental protection and health products.

Parquet with moisture, non-slip, wear-resistant, antistatic, acoustic, fire-retardant, insulation, soft and resilient and so more than a dozen natural advantages, the most secure form of environmental health colors for decking wall functional system. More praised by consumers it is that this material parquet after prolonged contact with the wine, is still non-toxic, edible, it shows the extraordinary environmental performance, therefore being evaluated as & ldquo; most health history Floor & rdquo ;.

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