What is the choice of wood decoration?

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Solid wood flooring refers to the direct processing of wood from the floor, also known as wood flooring. It is directly after the wood drying process to form the ground decoration materials. This floor pattern natural, comfortable feet, free of formaldehyde and the like harmful substances on the body, is also very safe to use. Is the bedroom, living room, study and other ground decoration of the ideal material.
Solid wood flooring This floor retains the natural wood grain of the solid wood and comfortable foot feel elasticity, especially when selecting the quality of the panel. Multi-layer solid wood flooring often multi-layer plywood as the substrate, it is not only good stability, and easy to care, and affordable, is a lot of low-end consumers in the most cost-effective floor of the most popular, loved by the public.
In addition to strengthen the composite floor with wear-resistant, beautiful, stable and many other advantages. It is about ordinary paint decorated the floor of 10 to 30 times more than completely broken the original wooden structure, destruction of the wet shrinkage and shrinkage of the characteristics of the opposite sex, the size is very stable, especially for the room with a warm system, Choose not too much emphasis on wear-resistant indicators, for the room as long as no less than 4000 turn. But should try to choose a lower formaldehyde release of the brand, after the shop should also maintain indoor ventilation. According to foreign standards, formaldehyde emission is less than 10mg100g for green building materials.
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