What are the specific decoration ventilation methods

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What are the specific decoration ventilation methods?
After the completion of the renovation of the new home, we need to consider the issue of ventilation, even if the choice of environmentally friendly wallpaper, composite beach chairsor environmental protection latex paint. It also needs to pay attention to ventilation issues. What are the specific decoration ventilation methods?
Decoration ventilation method - first ventilated and then cleaned 
Many people think that the first problem after the renovation of a new house is not ventilation, but cleaning. If ventilation is carried out after the new house has been renovated and cleaned, there will be dust and other debris during the long-term ventilation. Therefore,decking boards in france it is recommended to ventilate and then clean. 
Ventilation methods for decoration - not all windows 
However, when the windows are ventilated, it is not necessary that all the windows be fully opened and the windows can be opened halfway or ventilated upwards and downwards. If all windows are opened, you will find the walls in the home, especially the wallpapers. Cracks or peeling may easily occur. outdoor composit floorTherefore, when opening windows, be sure to pay attention that you must not open the windows in the early stages. After the two-week renovation of the new house is completed, you can gradually open the entire window, but at the same time, you need to be careful not to open for a long time. Wall window.
Decoration ventilation method - window opening time proposal
There are certain suggestions for the choice of opening hours. If the smell of winter decoration is relatively small, but this does not mean that there is no irritating gas, so when you open the window, it is best to choose the warm afternoon. The time is not too long. If you open the window in the morning, it takes too long to open the window and it is easy to cause the wall near the window sill to be frozen and discolored.deck pvc in Nigeria Even after the new house has been completely renovated or after the ventilation has been completed, do not open the window for too long. Whether it is in the fall or in the summer, do not recommend opening the large window. Close the window after the room temperature rises after a period of time. Otherwise it is not only not conducive to the maintenance of interior furniture and walls. In winter, it can lead to accidental burial or other harmful gases entering the house. It is generally recommended that the window be closed at 10 o'clock in the morning and closed at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in winter. The opening time in summer may be slightly longer.

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