Wedding host is to accompany you from the station to the people

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When the sky with a series of data confirmed the market after a very hot sun, he really began his career in this industry make him proud. As the wedding host, sky believe that in order to enjoy the job, it is important position itself, not sure it is easy to locate the place. For the wedding, different people have different interpretations, "in my opinion, is to accompany the wedding host new life through important ritual counterparts and witness, but also the atmosphere of the scene guide; it is not accompanied by a simple, let those who are accompanied to get experience and grow, so you are not the protagonist, not a supporting role. "Sky and newcomers often share some of their insights about marriage and life. "I think life is like a train station would someone up and down, in addition to the family, no one voluntarily accompany you to the finish. Wedding host is to accompany you from the station to the people that stand between companions is short, cherish each other . compared to the wedding marriage married sky for a deeper understanding, "I usually have a couple that we can for you to create a beautiful wedding, but it's just the beginning, it is important to operate their own marriage ".sky in their marriage realized a lot, he believes marriage is to have suppliers have quantity, communicate with each other, the two peers who share similar values, group meditation journey. when the original recall and his wife's wedding, sky open the floodgates of memory: "my wife and I met 17 New Prom Gowns years, fell in love after nine years of marriage, we have experienced too much before the beginning poor, rent together over 200 yuan / month simple houses; each time passing the famous Huaihai Road store , she always seems to inadvertently pulled me; in her best age choose to struggle together with me, never asking too much for me. "They go through a period of hard work, come up with all of the savings to borrow money from relatives, to cobble together bought a house down payment, resulting in no extra money to get married," I said to his wife: our wedding everything from simple bar, promised Mrs. , but before the wedding, I still diligently to prepare a surprise. I gave her a wedding gift different: One we all love to see the "Growing Pains" CD; a new Nokia mobile phone, to let her replace with a 5-year old phone, and she said a lot of truth , I did not mind a little preparation she behaved loss. Night after the guests away, she answered a God, touched my face and said: 'so many years, you Burongyia,' I was kind of feeling like crying, back to the room we breakdown for so many years we the road traveled together until dawn. "Having said that, sky is still very touched whenever sky orders when he attached particular importance to the feelings between the couple,." First, because I want them to be in love, or no meaning; if there is no true feeling I have to find new service, even if I agree, you have to open the double price. "Sky half-jokingly said in a wedding presided over the sky in the early, alone, always alone and forth throughout the wedding scene," then there is no supervision, no professional DJ, just like a doctor alone operation, no nurses, no anesthetist same. "Once a wedding make sky impressed" that wedding was 18 o'clock start, 2:00 I went to the hotel, the Vintage Prom Dresses entire process of the wedding, I want a person in charge of a number of links, not only do supervision, and to act as mentors mood, but also presided over the whole wedding.

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