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Inviato il 11 Aprile 2016, 03:45:34


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Warm flooring industry itself as an emerging industry, the traditional flooring industry in China will bring new opportunities for development, as a way to adjust the industrial backyard wooden pavilions structure and there, but many traditional companies in order to successfully catch the warm car, "Express" at the expense of manufacture various concepts confuse consumers, even shoddy, non-compliance will not sell out quality control of the floor, which not only give consumers a loss of property.

but also to consumers in the installation of the heating system to warm the floor "respect" and much of, prefer tiles and other products; plus maintenance, safety, service and other long-standing 2ft high wooden fence panelproblem is still shrouded in the flooring market, to warm the floor of this industry on the lost situation adds a layer of "veil" to warm the floor market prospects for the industry will become more uncertain of. Warm flooring industry as a great potential for development of the industry.

should be fully expanded type of development, but the industry's standardization work because there is no strict implementation delays of the current situation of confusion. Current to warm the floor industry for guidance only industry standard, did not play the role of mandatory diy wood deck bench with storage Philippines national standards, and therefore its standardized development pattern is still long way to go. We believe our industry will settle down to warm the floor, innovative technology, to dispel the concerns of consumers, and better promote their products and change the current situation highbrow, make the industry toward healthy, high-quality development path, burst out of the infinite vigor and vitality.

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