Versace 2015 early autumn series of themes

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Currently only a few domestic brands in Prom Gowns Online Sale foreign countries also do fast, and most of them are high-tech companies. It is worth mentioning that Haier, according to Euromonitor data show that the company, in the last five years, Haier has developed into the world's top appliance maker. Headquartered in Beijing, the Chinese sports brand Li Ning, not so lucky, though Li Ning stores in the United States opened the door, but also spent a considerable price in the US doing promotion, but the company's report, the first half of the net into the United States losses reached $ 75 million, the figure is three times the company's full-year loss in 2013. In China, domestic brands face the greatest difficulty is difficult to win the trust of domestic consumers, a 27-year-old property manager Ms Chow said, from the name of view, she does not feel the domestic brands and foreign brands have much difference "All brand looks very like an international range of children," Ms Chow said in Beijing a Uniqlo store shopping. However, foreign brands seems to make people "look at the high." Miss Zhou can easily tell a long list of her favorite international brands such as Zara and H & M, but when asked about the favorite domestic brand Shique blank, "I can not think like which domestic brands," she said. Always bold and sensory stimulation is still Versace 2015 early autumn series of themes, but you need to carefully explore. Donatella Versace, creative director of the use of large blocks of color and asymmetrical clipping in the new release of the series, outstanding competent, valiant silhouette. Slim black pants, motorcycle jackets and suits the style with a strengthened overwhelmed by the new series of "minimalist" and understated?. Of course, Donatella is always a red carpet queen. Inspired by Gianni Versace low slit dress, high slits in the dress "Crystal pin" decoration, so exquisite tailoring skirt swaying gently, intellectual and sexy. But also applied to the crystal pins Versace 2015 early autumn series of shoes and bags, called this series the most recognizable design elements. Stacey Bendet think people shop is changing. 10 years ago, people would go to department store shopping, but now we will choose Net-A-Porter, Shopbop these sites and shopping, so the brand Cheap Prom Dresses should always be ready to do immediately globalization. Alice + Olivia is a very early start to use e-commerce fashion brand, but also adept at using social media. She believes that social media has changed the brand's marketing and communication with customers the way. For social media applications, she said: "the best brand in social media is to have their own voice, as we like my Instagram because that's what I use myself, is not a fake, which can make fans feel like they your life is a part of "Q:. how do you see for the cross-border cooperation? B: I like to do something special in addition to cooperation in the field of fashion, very challenging and very interesting. We designed Alice + Olivia Starbucks mugs, bags and Star Label Card very cute. We hope that they can bring the world smile.

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