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PCB circuit board three anti-paint is a single component low viscosity silicone resin, made up of resin and water additives, hydrophobic moisture-proof, anti-radiation, high transparency, non-toxic and pollution-free, high temperature resistance (-60-200 degrees Celsius ), anti-aging, and good weather. It has excellent electrical insulation properties, good high frequency electrical properties.

Three anti-paint coating:PCB circuit board three anti-paint is simple: Before using the three paint Shake the liquid brushing, spraying the surface of the board or the entire board to dry and then immersed in liquid, with the Tank007 UV flashlight detection circuit boards, easy to besmear; after three paint after air-dried at room temperature for 1 to 3 minutes closely attached to the circuit board surface, stable for 24 hours after the character; twenty years invariance under normal temperature and pressure.

After three anti-paint-treated boards placed in water for 24 hours, after removing the dried, circuit boards and electronic components without any corrosion, the same performance; high-quality anti-paint-resistant from -60 to + 200 C high temperature resistance, 20000 volt high-voltage

Application of three anti-paint: Typical for fully assembled circuit board, the protection line network boards from various chemicals, moisture, dust and high temperature and other adverse environmental impacts. Such as: hybrid integrated circuits, automotive electronic control panel, electronic circuit boards, aircraft instrument panels, flexible printed circuit, microcomputer control panel, semiconductor crystal line protection, home appliance control systems, electrical accessories, transformers, coils.

The figure below shows three anti-paint coated board to see the effect in visible light. direct observation of the human eye is unable to distinguish whether the circuit board covered with a uniform!The following figure shows waterproof plastic coated board in black light flashlights to see the effect of black light flashlights irradiation: In Tank007 ultraviolet light irradiation, waterproof plastic coating on the circuit board is clearly visible, where no waterproof glue is clearly visible.Tank007 uv31 ultraviolet flashlight features:

1. Imported aluminum reflector to make optimal UV irradiation.

2. High-strength aluminum oxide shell.

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