Three Factors Influencing Capacity and Quality of Cone Crusher

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Inviato il 14 Marzo 2016, 09:58:15


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Crushing Machine is the core equipment in the ore crushing system of ore beneficiation plant as well as the main factor restraining the production capacity of the crushing system. Through the comprehensive analysis of nip angle and parallel zone and through capacity of materials in center section of marble granite stone crusher when materials are crushed, we can know that the main factors influencing the capacity and product quality of cone crusher include the following three factors:
(1) The length of the parallel crushing zone and the size of discharging mouth
The crushing ability of a crusher machine is related to the thickness of the material layer in the parallel zone which is in direct proportion to the production capacity and has a direct relation with the discharging mouth. Increasing the length of the parallel zone is conducive to controlling the granularity, but the ore discharging ability will decrease, marble granite processing plant and reducing the length of the parallel zone is conducive to ore discharging, but the ore crushing granularity is difficult to be ensured. At the same time, the productivity of a crusher is mainly related to the ore property, the performance, specification and operation condition of the equipment and the configuration of the machines in the production process, for this reason, on the condition of the other factors unchanged, changing the operation condition, increasing the ore discharging mouth, for example, will change the productivity of the crusher equipment.
(2) Nip angle and the volume of the crushing chamber
The crushing chamber is related to the nip angle and the height of the crusher machine. Theoretically, the nip angle should be smaller than two times of the frictional angle between ores and lining board of the crushing wall. If the nip angle is too big, ores inside the crushing chamber will slide, which will reduce the production capacity; if the nip angle is too small, the ores that can be contained inside the crushing chamber will be reduced, dolomite grinding machine price which will cause influence to the crushing capacity.
(3) Pendulum times of crushing cone
The pendulum times of the crushing cone is also the key factor influencing the crushing capacity. Due to the limit of nip angle of the crushing chamber and the parallel ore discharging zone, the crushed ores will be difficult to be discharged without external forces. The discharging of ores mainly relies on the squeezing of the crushing cone along slope. When the pendulum times are high, the ores are easily discharged.
Among the three factors, the pendulum times of the crushing cone is determined according to the features of the equipment, so that it is not easy to be changed, but the other factors can be changed within the largest limit, thus improving the output on the condition of ensuring product quality, for this reason, cone crusher manufacturers can realize the improvement of output of cone crushing machine through upgrading the structure of this crusher machine.

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