The pad acts as a second screen

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The pad acts as a second screen for extra menus andviewpoints, like an item list from The Legend of Zelda ora secretive display for multiplayer matches. If you want, you canuse it as a separate screen altogether so you can play full Wii Ugames without hogging the plasma telly.

The pearly-white, Wii-resembling console also plays nicewith all your old original Wii games and peripherals -- adding new ideas andplaystyles to the latter. Suddenly the Wii U pad becomes a tee andgolf ball for your Wii remote to swing at, or the controller workslike a docked scope for the Wii's zapper gun.

Perhaps most importantly NBA 2K17 MT, especially for hardcore gamers whohave left the decidedly-last-gen Wii gathering dust, the Wii Uoffers a distinct hardware leap over its predecessor: a fact bestargued by the number of Xbox 360 games that will appear on thedevice: gamer favourites like Assassin's Creed, rally racer DiRT and shooterGhost Recon.

Nintendo didn't show off the platform with its usual displayof cutesy family games like Mario, Zelda and Pokemon: it kicked off with mutants being gunned down inMetro: Last Light and demons being slayed in the goryDarksiders II. Face huggers were present in Aliens:Colonial Marines, blood-geisering amputations in NinjaGaiden 3 and the Dark Knight neck-snapping in Batman:Arkham City. This isn't the Nintendo we thought we allknew.

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