The overall folding of the most common application of furniture,

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The overall folding of the most common application of furniture, such as we often see the folding chairs and folding tables, and even now 1.8 meters wide double bed can be folded. Do not have time to fold up, into the corner, save space; with the time to move out to open, we can provide us with the most primitive performance of furniture, very practical. Folding furniture is one of modern furniture. The main features are simple shape, the use of light, for home travel dual-use, easy to dismantle folding, saving the use of housing area. Parts can use small pieces of wood and wood-based panels, can also be used to produce other substitutes.
Second, the characteristics of folding furniture
1. Small size, saving and the most efficient use of space
Folding is also an effective way to reduce the size of the structure. Folding products have special significance for the most efficient use of factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums and housing space. Such as a writing with the folding stool when the size of 28 × 24 × 23cm, after the volume is only open when the opening of 1 / 4.5. This saves space and is easy to store, and can be used for a wide range of rooms.
          2. easy to carry
Some products due to special requirements to be designed to be small and easy to use, lightweight, easy to carry, folding products to meet this requirement is a good form, such as travel sketches with folding stool can be put into the bag or even into the pocket.
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