The next day, the wedding dream team also swam

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Inviato il 27 Febbraio 2016, 10:36:37


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Probably pleasant surprise outside the annual plan. Prom Dresses 2016 October autumn tail, fantasy wedding's traditional Chinese brand "Yue embroidery", have the opportunity to be invited to participate in Milan and Venice Water Pavilion Expo closes JCP-day event, with a glorious mission heritage of Chinese culture, to this grand grab by the worldwide fashion eye window. The reason named "Yue embroidery", first, because of cultural and traditional embroidery of Guangdong, "Guangdong embroidery" is a homonym, the second is from Melinda good wishes to each bride, and she hopes these fruition of love are filling ManDangDang joy.

29 am, Dream Team went to the "Silk Road" theme, dress coat shine moment lit up the water in Venice Pavilion, immediately get the water museum executive Francesco Miggiani, Italy and Chairman of the Joint Center providers and other leaders the strong appreciation. Curator Anna for Prom Gowns Online Sale them personally awarded Expo designated products Expo Award and Certificate of Participation, as a return, Lin Meiling grant each other an exquisite Chinese style Prom Dresses jewelry box and fantastic brand star medal. In addition to the limited edition after the colorful coat and outer coat emperor, this also shows a double happiness wealth Huaqun elegant gown and a variety of traditional Chinese cheongsam, through models and seamless mix of brilliant deduction, for the majority of the spectators brought an unprecedented interpretation of the treasures of the Chinese nation, full of charm Oriental beauty. The next day, the wedding dream team also swam with the Grand Canal of Venice gold, Chinese dress coat and classic Venetian landscape side by side, so that a ray of Yuet Wah garment embroidered with European international norm.

Came to 31, the last day of the Milan Expo, this young team will be excitedly sections venue from Venice to Milan, the fashion industry to stop at the highest stage of completion of one of the most outstanding "emerge." The essence of art from around the world began to enter the most exciting finale show, crowds of people as if to celebrate a flourishing garden party. Was placed in the museum for display of Sicily "Wyatt embroidered" also did not admit defeat, shimmering dress coat shining, bursting out with the same vigorous beauty of the tree of life, whether it is neotenous child, or seven or eight years old, have orderly lined up to request a group photo. Because the show excellent results, with the museum staff also took the initiative in Sicily and the Mediterranean Museum representations, they applied for a large stage to again show time, Mei Ling a happy, finalized the English dress coat long history and culture to tourists pours Road to.

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