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There is a possibility that, international timber prices have continued to rise, but the terminal market price of solid wood flooring can not accept such a large price increases, led to a sharp decline in sales of solid wood flooring, so manufacturers have to rely on 'inventory of raw materials' to continue to withstand the pressure of rising raw materials to maintain the terminal market prices unchanged to stabilize the market share of solid wood flooring. " In addition, the reporter also learned that in 2014 the first floor of the market once prices is caused due to raw material prices, wood composite saudiit is also the main raw material of wood for the doors, stairs, wood wardrobe and some other building materials manufacturers brand is also began to receive notice estimated in March before the end price will rise. Its material many common materials are: oak, oak, ash, maple and cherry and so on, there are wood species rosewood, rosewood and other rare and precious tree species.

Solid wood flooring standard thickness is 18mm, but there are also popular on the market less than 18mm and 22mm thickness and so on. In general, the thickness and stability of solid wood floor is directly proportional to that in a certain degree, the thicker the wood floors, better stability, foot feeling more comfortable. Recently, the market appeared decorative wood with a metal buckle a sideline, beautiful and elegant appearance, the surface is very wearable, very good with the floor supporting material. As the market matures floor, brand flooring and flooring brand development services, and to regulate the distribution of flooring materials market irregularities, safeguard the interests of consumers, as an important content flooring brands, a number of big brands have launched businesses floors floor accessories professional delivery service, eliminating the tedious too headache materials selection process.

Since Surfacing place ground natural causes of inequality, combined with the use of glue-free flooring makes the floor between the lack of flexibility and strong, it may cause uneven seams expand or local phenomena. So, small advice lock to shoot rubber flooring. Proven, glued joints are completely sealed to prevent moisture penetration into the floor crevices, causing deformation of the floor, and can make the floor more secure connection. how to assemble vinyl lattice panelIn terms of surface roughness, no gum on the pavement pavement laws often require very high, the bottom floor flatness per meter allows only 1.5mm; and with plastic coverings law allows greater tolerance can reach 3mm.Consumption Myth Seven: solid wood flooring is not environmentally friendly There are consumers that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, combined with a multi-layer glued between veneer, oak parquet in high formaldehyde content, is not environmentally friendly. In fact, as long as the wood flooring formaldehyde emission controlled within national standards, you can rest assured that use.

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