The following five players have been in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

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Best RB and RWB in FIFA 16
Players with high ratings on the position RB and RWB in the football game FIFA 16 difficult to find. It is also the place with the lowest rating to the highest rated player at a certain position. The best player is in fact Dani Thank FC Barcelona, ??which has only an overall rating of 84. The following five players have been in fifa 16 ultimate team coins and as a start rating in the playing mode Career highest rating:

Dani Alves – 84 rating
32 years old, playing at FC Barcelona,  born in Brazil
Dani Alves can play the position RB and LB. Due to its age Dani Alves is a less suitable purchase for a long career, but in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team (FUT) is a great purchase for this position. He excels in speed, dribbling, ball control, shooting power, and to put tackling. Thanks to its high speed and stamina he can cover the entire right wing with ease, so that he can help both offensively and defensively.

Pablo Zabeleta – 82 rating
30 years old, playing at Manchester City, born in Argentina
Pablo Zabeleta by many football experts considered the best RB in the world. Unfortunately he did not make his usual form in the 2014/2015 football season. Compared with its statistics in fifa 16 ps4 coins it is one point deteriorated. He has been a fixture for his club and for his national team. He excels in responsiveness, jumping, tackling, man-marking and intercept the ball. The versatile defender is an asset to any team that uses the position RB or RWB.

Stephan Lichtsteiner – 82 rating
31 years old, playing at Juventus, born in Switzerland
Stephan Lichtsteiner is praised by connoisseurs for its football passion and work ethic. He is committed to every game for the full 100%. Lichtsteiner is a very fast player with a high rating to defend. It can also mean a lot for an offensive team. He dribbles past opponents with ease a couple to give then a decisive pass or even shoot at goal.

Carvajal – 81 rating
23 years old, playing at Real Madrid, born in Spain
Carvajal is a young talent to Real Madrid. He is a modern and versatile right. He excels in defense, speed, strength and physical attacks. It can easily run the entire race of the defense to the attack. In defense he stops for example a cross from the opponent, a few seconds later to give a decisive assist for his team. He is in fifa 16 ultimate coins is not that expensive, but it is an immediate asset to your team. If you liked reading this article then go to

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