The first person in the history of UEFA! C Ronaldo completed 100 goals

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In UEFA Champions League, 1/4 finals the first round, Real Madrid at Allianz stadium challenge Bayern. Vidal made the first record for Bayern, Real Madrid was caught in a dilemma. At the critical moment, you have to look at C Ronald. The second half, soon after starting, C Ronaldo broke his 659 minutes with no goals record, after Harvey Martinez made a red card, C Ronaldo scored twice and become the first UEFA mr. 100 goals!
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2016-17 season UEFA Champions League, C Ronaldo lack of goals. The first two teams, Real Madrid 2-1 Chris competitive, 2-2 draw with Dortmund, C Ronaldo have scored 98 goals in the European War - the Champions League, the ball, the European Super Cup of 2 goals, Manchester United Champions League qualifier in the era of the 1 ball. After that, C Ronaldo long into scoring 6 consecutive games in the Champions League, C Ronaldo erected, this is the worst record in his Real Madrid career.
C how strong? Bayern coach Ancelotti most clearly, he had praised for C Ronaldo: bring 1-0 attributes. Bayern make every effort to defend the C Ronaldo, cut off the contact between C and his teammates. In the first half C Ronaldo scanty opportunity, famous football expert Zhang Lu C Ronaldo's dilemma: "Real Madrid is too dependent on the C Ronaldo, Luo C both on the left and on the completion of a breakthrough, C Ronaldo in the area Qiangdian, it's too difficult. If there are side transport, C Ronaldo will play with power."
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To celebration, this goal means that C entered the European war Luo hundred ball hall of fame: the Champions League race European Super Cup 97 ball, 2 ball, 1 ball Champions League qualifier. C Ronaldo is the only European war hundred ball superstar, followed by Messi 97 goals, the ball in the top row of the top 76 in the top of the list of the top third. In UEFA, C Ronaldo showed stronger than Messi.
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