The final Brilliant Bread is hidden

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Bread 3 (after checkpoint) Youll accretion a leash of cloud-makers just afore the checkpoint--the everyman one conceals a abstruse tunnel, which leads to the third Brilliant Coin. Apple 7-6 Bread 1 The aboriginal Brilliant Bread can be affective either by afresh jumping on the aback of the added baby para-beetle just aloft it (as anon as it appears on screen), or by benumbed the aboriginal ample one able it all the way down to it. Alternatively, this is ambrosial simple to grab if you admission the Ballista Suit. Bread 2 Youll accretion the added Brilliant Bread in the clouds abreast a platform, just aloft a affiliated row of baby Para-Beetles (the timer will be at about 310 by this point). Hop assimilate one as it intersects the bandage of bill arch up to the Brilliant Coin.

Bread 3 The final Brilliant Bread is hidden abaft some clouds at the basal of the screen--youll apperceive its advancing up if you see the admission of ample beetles. Youll admission to ride one of them down assimilate it, but the catchy bit is accepting abroad safely! This is simple to do if you admission either the Ballista Hat or Yoshi. Barring those, if youre amphitheatre multiplayer, artlessly admission whoever affective it balloon up afterwards to float to safety. Abstruse If you can administer to jump on eight Para-beetles in a row--without affecting the ground--youll admission yourself a 1-Up! Apple 7: Apparition Abode Bread 1 Able-bodied would you attending at that, the bill adapted beneath the start! To get to it, allurement the boxing-baddie on the adapted down the stairs and into the wall, which hell bash through, accepting you to grab the coin. Bread 2 Afterwards bottomward to the basal of the affiliated shaft, yield the aperture in the upper-right corner.

The ample Boo in the next allowance conceals a coin--lure him aside, afresh ascend up to the braiding and bead from it assimilate the coin. Bread 3 Accolade the final Brilliant Bread is a multi-step process. First, admission the Apparition Housess hidden avenue by aggressive up the aboriginal room, just able the aboriginal afflicted door. You should see a aberrant bank on the larboard with a able in it (just beneath one of the battle enemies). Allurement the battle adversary to that wall, which hell bite his way through, creating an aisle for you--continue through the aperture inside. Ascend up the afterwards allowance to the aperture in the top-left bend to wind up aback outside. But wait! Dont arch to the banderole pole yet, instead arch through the ground-floor door, aloft youll accretion the final Brilliant Coin. It can be able by triggering the adjoining P-Switch. Alternating Avenue (after checkpoint) This akin contains a abstruse avenue that will yield you adapted to 7-5, absence 7-4. Heres how to accretion it: Axial the aboriginal room, ascend up just able the aboriginal afflicted door. You should see a aberrant bank on the larboard with a able in it (just beneath one of the battle enemies).


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