The dress cleaning tips for all friends

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Inviato il 13 Gennaio 2016, 02:40:06


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For all women friends, dresses are decorations for formal dresses them when they are in the proms, weddings, or other events. However, it will be a burden if the dresses get dirty and had to be washed. Some friends choose to send the dresses to the professional dry cleaners. While for others, they choose to clean the dresses by themselves on some small stains. Here are my some tips to clean tips.
Of several main tips, wet cleaning is the most common. After the dresses get dirty, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. If time is too long, stains will aging, fading, which will not only increase the difficulty of cleaning, but also and can cause fabric deterioration and influence the effect of wear. If the stain will provoke food like small insects, the fabric is very susceptible to evening dresses degradation and damage. At this time,  choosing the wet scrubber is a better, the more important reason is that many small dress on repair of jewelry, such as beads and two slices of dry-cleaning chemicals and so can not afford to invade rot.
Wet cleaning method is to choose a neutral detergent in warm water to help to soak into the dress, which will take longer time, with which  a lot of invisible stains can be removed. However, you can not use the washing machine and dehydration, or the jewelry, beaded clothes will get off.
The another way I am going to share is dry cleaning. Many small dress should choose dry cleaning, such as silk, acetate fiber or wool material. Be sure to wedding dresses use the cleaning solvent has been filtered, clear stains position to ensure that no residue.

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