the development of decking

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the development of decking
development, with The regulation of the property market, home building materials distributors have to face the business pain caused by shrinking the to repair floor tiles The reporter learned from a Sichuan-based distributor of solid wood flooring brands that the overall performance of the brand dropped by about 40% in The first half of this year. Even with the increase of the appearance,hardwood deck furniture the overall performance was lower than before. "In the first half of the year, we can break even in only one month, and we basically lose money in the
rest of The month. In the building materials industry, major brands are generally facing downward pressure on sales. It is estimated that more than 40% of the businesses are operating at a loss." Shangha i Mr. Yu, a well-known solid wood flooring brand in Chengdu, told reporters that the regulation of the property market has had unavoidable impact on the home market.environmentally friendly wall materials  Now that the industry's costs are increasing, profits have begun to decline. The reporter recently visited a number of home building materials markets in
Chengdu also that that compared with previous years, consumers are 'only asked not to buy, see more people buy less.' It is worth noting that the 'outfall' in the home It is understood that. Since the beginning of 2012, the furnishing industry has continued to occur and even spread to well-known domestic chain stores. At the same time,cheapest white vinyl fencing
 some home stores have even closed down. In fact, sales are shrinking not just cases. , the performance of some large-scale distributors has declined to varying degrees, with the largest decline

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