swarovski accessories sale uk an all-night beach bash

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Immediately after collections, inspired by the depths from the oceans and the vastness on the galaxy, this season Creative Overseer Nathalie Colin found that beauty is normally next to us. Since half the world's human population lives and works around cities, Nathalie Colin was inspired by urban regions of Paris and Los Angeles to render everyday fashionable style towards the new Swarovski series for the Spring / Summer 2017 period. The collection of this season is going urban romance, because the creation of the city inspired me using the modern and romantic facets of my two favorite towns: one is Paris when I live and work and the other is Los Angeles when I often travel for swarovski jewelry uk creative inspiration and photography.

The romantic side connected with Paris is expressed over the cool, floral colors and feminine designs, while modern architectural structures have influenced jewels which includes a more geometric style. Really are is a source involving inspiration for gypsy-style smooth designs, as well unlike in the west must palm tree motifs. Every single woman can express your girlfriend style and mood by way of this collection, following this trend of layering and thomas sabo uk combining jewelry in her own elegant style. Hence, we get a attractive look and mood.

The collection commends the peculiarity of spring and summer garments, where the multi-faceted Swarovski person can swap the days in evening sets without difficulty whilst enjoying the city's joy with bold, charming fashion and, of course, the actual unbelievable Swarovski glow. This kind of season, we redefine the charm belonging to the flowers with the amazing original floral designs belonging to the Urban Romance collection. Geometricly they find nature-inspired designs, as classic roses along with hydrangeas are painted inside the modern shades of white, emerald and violet, which draw inspiration from Paris's high-quality pandora essence uk jewelery tradition.

By having a play with the characteristic geometric lines from the City of Light, the pieces include architectural touches. The light metallic, angularly striking pendants along with bracelets bring to thought process the emblematic silhouettes with the Eiffel Tower and your Louvre pyramid, in contrast into the eccentric curves of the Pompidou Center. Flexibility will be the new target for foreign travelers, as from a brunch within the countryside they are using a sunset party and end up on swarovski accessories sale uk an all-night beach bash.

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