solid wood flooring

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solid wood flooring
separated. With the intensification of international environmental protection organizations, international supervision has increased, countries' awareness of indigenous forest protection Has increased,eco decking tiles price  raw materials have been in short supply, and will not improve in the short term. This has led to a large increase in solid wood flooring billets, especially for merbau and teak, which have not been ruled out by humans. This year , with the decline in sales of solid wood flooring and the rationalization of the billet market, the price increase
will not be much faster faster than last year, wood plastic composite lumber dubai
but it will also steadily increase.。, The price of solid wood flooring will increase gradually. Laminated Flooring has always dominated the market with two major advantages: price and fashion. However, due to the current increase in wood chips, the price of laminate fl Ooring has risen by 40%. 90 sqm house plans in Qatar According to statistics, the current heating transportation costs also also increased by 4 - 5% and 10%, packaging fees also rose by 10%, which prompted the price of laminate flooring to rise,
in order to occupy The market and can not rise too much, it can only narrow the profit margins. 2. Well-known brands continue to diversify their product development The price of floor blanks has risen for two consecutive years. The rate is relatively large, which has forced Solid wood flooring prices to rise. Its average price is as much as over 200 yuan,what is a composite board  causing consumers to accept it. Laminate flooring and laminate flooring, for this reason, for enterprises to stabilize the sales network to protect the interests of dealers, we must

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