solid wood floor for children room

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solid wood floor uses of the right age to Zhu Mu refines and be become, style is pure and fresh and decorous, burnish is weak and gentle, the structure is chic and original, exterior is beautiful and delicate, have very good adornment effect. So what does the circumstance that you know to solid wood floor is used have? China floor network is small today make up for everybody use circumstance of check solid wood floor and shop install a method, bring collocation of floor of children room solid wood for everybody on this foundation again, look together!

One, the appropriate place of use solid wood floor

solid wood floor is a kind relatively high quality scales and the adornment stuff that taste higher, be applied extensively at place of household, office building, guesthouse and partial recreation, athletic sports in recent years decorate, get of domestic and international consumer love. From theoretic say, everything is ventilated and dry, facilitate maintenance indoor location all can use solid wood floor board. This kind of applicable place covers country the district of feature of of all kinds and different climate. Include southeast coastal high temperature, high wet area. Here domestic user all can be at ease bold ground is used. Specific say, the field with solid wood relatively appropriate floor is all:

1, the family decorates: This is solid wood floor by common adoption body, especially bedroom, study, gym, Japan and pattern room.

2, advanced office building, include the office, assembly room, antechamber, product to reveal hall to wait.

3, guesthouse, hotel: Include guesthouse suite, healthy center, recreation center, conference center.

4, senior trader mansion: Include business hall, monopolistic bar to wait. solid wood floor still can be used at metope adornment.

General the place of floor of incommensurate use solid wood has: Large and the building ground floor with moistureproof bad processing and basement, ground that often contacts water, indoor public, public passage.
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