SL-i S3 games reports on the 5th day

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Inviato il 11 Aprile 2017, 05:26:10


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SL-i S3 cutting 8 for 4 game has come to an end, the list of fresh 4 has been released on the 5th day.

G2 VS. FaZe: the 8 into 4 games 'made head broken and bleeding', G2 from France, the "blast crack" in the group game phase on the style of the game is to let people go by like the wind map with quite deep impression, easy to enter the top 8 against FaZe, while FaZe is a "small G2". In the BO3 of the battle, both sides can be described as "win and play 3 games head broken and bleeding. The 3 maps of the game are Inferno, nuke, train. Although G2 play its powerful personal strength and with the tacit understanding, but FaZe Allu was more Sheng and Niko "father" in this field is also more obvious style team, played cleverly "storm" and the whole team after the linkage frequently individual ability, eventually FaZe to 2:1 took G2. I think the FaZe team cheer is of the "G2" the title of the best response.
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HR VS. North: it is a 'bloody' game, the two sides are considered to be strong North and HR, the game is still quite hot hit 3 maps CBB, cache, overpass. Although the whole game North wonderful tactical changes and tacit cooperation with HR miserable, but the pistol Bureau, such as ferocious tiger HR won the BO3 all the pistols, and by virtue of its advantages all the way straight. 2:1 in the final success among the top 4, presumably the North home game when seeing his pistol only a smile.
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NAVi VS. Fnatic: return to 'universe', Fnatic competed against the tournament host team NAVI is also very exciting, the game's 3 maps for overpass, Inferno, mirage. Although the NAVI Zhandexianji case first take the first picture, but still good toughness Fnatic teeth die after big score, the final Fnatic to "not this will not brave, but the development of melon emperor Metamorphosis" or defeated, the final game 2:1 NAVI, breaking the "six star curse" into the list of four.

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