skin thicker the better composite decking

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in the frequent use of geothermal north is very popular. If you use a thick skin (3~4mm) multi-layer solid wood flooring as geothermal floor, the width of the floor to effectively control the use of environmental humidity in 70mm or below, can also reduce the surface deformation. The floor is 125mm in width and thickness are respectively 4mm, 3mm and 2mm at different deformation zone two: slotted floor back the best people think back to warm the floor grooving,

conducive to heat flow, and even the floor back into hollow structure. As a matter of fact, the conduction velocity of heat in solid is faster than that of gas. The greater the density, the faster the conduction velocity, which is one of the reasons why we increase the density of the base material. The surface of the back is longitudinally slotted, and the air layer is formed at the groove at the back of the floor.

The heat conduction rate of the air is lower than the heat conduction rate of the wood, but the heat conduction effect is reduced. Misunderstanding three: some of the best moistureproof film diathermy floor installation company installed floor moistureproof film junctions did not stick strictly to install the individual parts of the company and even the moistureproof film cut into many small,
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