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91  Forum Tecnozoom / Cellulari / Three areas of laser power (overburned zone, defect free zone, dross zone)
Iniziato da zihuanew - Ultimo messaggio modificato da zihuanew
 Pubblicato il: 03 Agosto 2018, 04:29:08 
1. Over-burning zone: When the laser power is too large, the heat input is too large, so that the melting range of the workpiece is larger than the range that can be driven out by the high-pressure airflow, and the molten metal cannot be blown off by the airflow to generate over-burning.
1500W Dual Drive Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine
2. No defect area: that is, the laser power is in a suitable range, and the cutting effect at this time is good, which is called a defect-free area.

3. Slag slag area: When the laser power is too small, the heat is insufficient, the lower the temperature of the molten product near the lower edge, the higher the viscosity, so it cannot be blown off by the high pressure airflow and stays at the lower edge of the cutting surface to produce slag. . In severe cases, the incision cannot be cut.
300W Single Drive Thin-Sheet CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Fiber laser cutting machine

Third, the laser cutting machine cutting quality evaluation criteria
1000W Dual Drive Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine
The laser cutting of the cutting plate with a thickness of 2mm or more, the distribution of the roughness of the cutting surface is uneven, and varies greatly along the thickness direction. The change state has two characteristics:

1. The shape of the cutting surface is divided into two distinct parts. The upper part of the surface is smooth and smooth, the cutting stripe is neat and fine, and the roughness value is small; the lower cutting stripe is disordered, the surface is uneven, and the roughness value is large. The upper part has the direct action of the laser beam, and the lower part has the characteristics of molten metal scouring.

Whether it is continuous laser cutting or pulsed laser cutting, the cutting surface is shown with upper and lower parts. The difference is pulse laser cutting and the upper cutting strip has a corresponding relationship with the pulse frequency: the higher the frequency, the finer the stripe, the surface The roughness is smaller.

2. The surface roughness in the area of ​​the upper surface of the cut is substantially uniform and does not vary with height; while the surface roughness of the lower area varies with height, and the closer to the lower edge, the greater the surface roughness.
92  Forum Tecnozoom / Cellulari / Cleaning precautions for concrete mixers
Iniziato da zihuanew - Ultimo messaggio modificato da zihuanew
 Pubblicato il: 02 Agosto 2018, 08:43:21 
A concrete mixer is a machine that mixes cement, sand aggregate and water and mixes them into a concrete mix. It mainly consists of mixing drum, feeding and unloading mechanism, water supply system, prime mover, transmission mechanism, frame and support device. According to the nature of work, it is divided into batch type (batch type) and continuous type; it is divided into self-falling type and forced type according to the stirring principle; fixed type and mobile type according to installation method; tilting type and non-tilting type according to discharging method; According to the structure of the mixing tube, it is divided into pear type, drum type, double cone, disc vertical axis type and round groove horizontal axis type.
3000W Dual Drive High Speed CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Pay attention to the following when cleaning the concrete mixer:
First, regular maintenance and maintenance of the items specified in the maintenance procedures, such as cleaning, lubrication, fueling, etc.
Second, before the concrete mixer starts, check whether the controllers are good. After the work stops, pour water and stones into the mixing drum for 10~15 minutes to clean, then clear the water and stones. If the operator has to enter the mixing drum for cleaning, in addition to cutting off the power supply and removing the fuse, the switch box must be locked.
Third, it is forbidden to use the method of hammering to remove the concrete accumulated in the concrete mixer cylinder, which can only be removed with a chisel.
2000W Dual Drive Closed Type CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Fourth, in the cold season, after the work is finished, apply the water to clean the mixer drum and drain the water in the water pump, water tank and water pipe to avoid freezing of the water pump, water tank and water pipe.
93  Forum Tecnozoom / Cellulari / What is the price of the laser cutting machine?
Iniziato da zihuanew - Ultimo messaggio modificato da zihuanew
 Pubblicato il: 01 Agosto 2018, 09:08:52 
When buying a laser cutting machine, it is a bit of a "sweet flower falling into a charming eye" in the face of the mixed laser market. Especially in China, many laser marking machines are competitively priced. People are more and more confused, so what is the reason for a laser cutting machine?

In fact, the amount of laser cutting machine depends on the machine's function, power and processing format. A foreign expert has praised China's laser equipment and believes that more and more laser cutting machine companies in China are the hallmark of the laser industry. However, when various brands frequently come to the forefront of today's squandering eyes, how do we choose?
500W Single Drive Metal Laser Cutting Machine
1) After-sales service: Laser tube of laser cutting machine, reflective lens are consumables, have a certain service life, need to be replaced after expiration. This requires manufacturers to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee, and these supplies can be provided in a timely manner. Some users buy from a small factory at a very low laser cutting machine price in order to get cheap.
Laser cutting machine, after half a year, the laser cutting machine needs to replace the laser tube, contact the manufacturer and find that people go to the building.
300W Single Drive Thin-Sheet CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
2) Product quality As the saying goes, the layman looks at the excitement and the insider looks at the doorway. The same is a laser cutting machine, the parts used are different, the following examples:
a) Stepping motor: It is related to the engraving precision of the laser cutting machine. Some manufacturers choose the imported stepping motor, some are the stepping motor of the joint venture factory, and some are the brand-name motor.
40W Desktop Laser Engraving Machine
b) Laser lens: related to the power of the laser cutting machine, the imported lens, the domestic lens, the domestic lens is divided into two types, which are produced by imported materials and produced by domestic materials. The price difference is very large, the effect and service life are used. The gap is also large.
c) Laser tube: This is the heart of the laser cutting machine. Because the price of imported laser tubes is expensive, generally it is tens of thousands of yuan, so most domestic laser cutting machines use domestic laser tubes. Domestic laser tubes are also uneven, and the price gap is very large. A good laser tube life is generally around 3,000 hours.
d) Mechanical assembly quality: In order to reduce the cost, some manufacturers use a very thin iron sheet to make the machine casing. The user generally does not see it, but after a long time, the frame will be deformed, which affects the cutting precision of the laser cutting machine. A good laser cutting machine should be framed, welded with high-quality steel, and made of high-quality cold-rolled steel to make the casing. When the user purchases the machine, it can be found whether the quality of the frame structure and the thickness and strength of the casing metal can be used.

3) The function of the machine: Some people familiar with laser cutting machines lament that the current laser cutting machine configuration has increased so much, and the price has decreased compared with previous years. How gratifying it is. But some people immediately said, don't be caught by those glamorous external things. If the reliability and maintenance services are convenient and affordable, many new devices are not as good as the "oldest" in previous years. The author believes that users should pay more attention to the cost performance of laser cutting machines. "The medium-sized, moderately priced" laser cutting machine is our best choice. Many users have entered a misunderstanding, hoping that the laser cutting machine they purchased is "all-round", and everything can be done, omnipotent, which is actually a big mistake.
94  Forum Tecnozoom / Tv lcd / How to recover deleted/lost data from samsung galaxy s8?
Iniziato da rhyhgg - Ultimo messaggio modificato da rhyhgg
 Pubblicato il: 27 Luglio 2018, 04:34:48 
Samsung's latest flagship device, the Galaxy S8 comes bundled with stunning features and can be easily defined as the perfect smartphone. With major upgrades in terms of hardware, the device is expected to be a huge hit among smartphone users.

Method to recover lost data on samsung s8:

This Samsung Data Recovery designed for recovering data from galaxy s8, it can help you retrieve photos, contacts, sms and other files from your Android Samsung Galaxy S8. In additional, if you lost data due to SD card formatted or broken, this samsung data recovery software not only can help you restore data from SD card but also from phones internal memory.

More info;

Recover Data from Broken Samsung Galaxy
95  Forum Tecnozoom / Cellulari Samsung / How to Recover deleted messages from samsung s7?
Iniziato da rhyhgg - Ultimo messaggio modificato da nacute11
 Pubblicato il: 20 Luglio 2018, 17:08:33 
As a highly recommended recovery tool, Android Data Recovery app enables you to recover deleted, lost and formatted contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos, music, etc. from overall Android devices.
how to recover deleted messages from samsung galaxy
how to recover deleted messages from android
96  Forum Tecnozoom / Internet / How to Recover Data from Samsung With Cracked Screen
Iniziato da rhyhgg - Ultimo messaggio modificato da nacute11
 Pubblicato il: 20 Luglio 2018, 17:07:02 
Actually, you are able to recover your deleted files from Android with the help of Android Data Recovery program. The program is designed to help Android users to recover data from broken samsung galaxy phones including Samsung Galaxy, Sony, HTC, Google Nexus, LG, Motorola, Huawei, OnePlus, AUSU, Xiaomi, ZTE and so on.
how to recover call history from android
how to recover contacts from broken android phone
97  Forum Tecnozoom / Cellulari Samsung / How to Recover Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Iniziato da Zouyune - Ultimo messaggio modificato da nacute11
 Pubblicato il: 20 Luglio 2018, 17:05:33 
As the matter of fact, once your file deleted on mobile phone, they are not really gone forever until overwritten by the new data. It means that you have a change to recover lost data from samsung galaxy with the help of third -party data recovery tool, Android Data Recovery. The program supports you to recover deleted contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, WhatsApp, call logs and document files.
how to recover lost contacts from android
how to recover lost text messages from android
98  Forum Tecnozoom / Fotocamere digitali / How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung A5?
Iniziato da jamoner - Ultimo messaggio modificato da nacute11
 Pubblicato il: 20 Luglio 2018, 17:03:36 
Whatever happened to your Android mobile phone, no matter rooted, accident deletion, damaged, broken or factory restore reset, Android data recovery tool have the ability to scan and recover deleted photos from samsung for you. it can support Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, and more mobile models.
how to recover deleted call history on Samsung galaxy
how to recover deleted music from samsung galaxy
99  Forum Tecnozoom / Cellulari Samsung / How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Note 5?
Iniziato da jamoner - Ultimo messaggio modificato da nacute11
 Pubblicato il: 20 Luglio 2018, 17:01:28 
If you have not backed up your files of Android mobile phone, it is advisable to use Android Data Recovery software to scan and recover your lost data. It is the best software to help you retrieve deleted files from android.
how to recover deleted pictures from samsung galaxy
how to recover deleted pictures from android
100  Forum Tecnozoom / Operatori telefonici / How to recover lost messages from samsung j2?
Iniziato da rhyhgg - Ultimo messaggio modificato da nacute11
 Pubblicato il: 20 Luglio 2018, 16:59:19 
Android Data Recovery software can solve all those annoying problems which were brought up by smart phone data missing. This program enables you to recover media files such as photos, videos, audios, as well as contacts and text messages from any Android mobile device.
how to recover lost messages from samsung galaxy
how to recover lost messages from android
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