Quick repair of highway pits

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Asphalt pavement thermal regeneration repair vehicle, is for the asphalt pavement in the use of the process, resulting in a lot of pits, cracks, bagging, subsidence, network cleft and other diseases designed to deal with. Flexible and efficient operation, safe and efficient. To achieve a variety of field maintenance operations. Repair high strength, low cost, all-weather operation.oh no pothole commercial

Pit dug out of the waste asphalt, without crushing, one hundred percent of the local thermal regeneration. Production, high efficiency, low construction costs, energy saving and environmental protection. Is an ideal multi-purpose road integrated maintenance car.concrete supplier in singapore

Advanced asphalt road pavement repair maintenance expert pavement repair technical process of the pilot site of the old material regeneration of energy-saving environmental protection equipment road maintenance repair problem repair road Wang asphalt pavement integrated maintenance car asphalt pavement thermal regeneration repair vehicles are: asphalt pavement on-site thermal regeneration, asphalt Concrete forced mixing, asphalt cloth, road cracks to track irrigation joints, for other hydraulic equipment to provide hydraulic power and other functions as one of the practical type of maintenance vehicles.home can sealing machine

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