Purpose and Applicability 35 concrete mixing station

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Purpose and Applicability 35 concrete mixing station
concrete mixer,cement mixer
35 concrete mixing plant widely used in engineering work in the field of highway construction, power plants, dams, bridges and engineering. Users can also customize and configure the dump truck, dump truck, mixer truck use, but can also be restructured according to the special requirements to meet user needs concrete mixer host not only used in concrete construction projects. new condition 50 tons cement silo It can be used alone, but also as a mixing station (F) supporting the host. 35 mixing station equipment using the material for each 0.75 square concrete mixer, every cycle of 72 seconds, with the batching machine, theoretical production rate of 35m3 / h refers to a variety of concrete mixing station configuration required for the preparation of concrete raw material storage, feeding, batching, mixing and control devices, various aggregates, binders, admixtures, additives and water by a certain ratio by the mixer, stirring centralized supply of fresh concrete way to produce concrete complete sets of equipment.
Since cement is developed to cement binder, made of gravel and sand aggregate concrete has become the most widely used building materials, machinery and equipment for preparing concrete mixing then the birth and development. Early preparation is stirred in the form of concrete using the stand-alone, but based on the configuration of the mixer gravel, cement and water supply metering and control devices constitute a prototype mixing station, and the progressive development of the formation of a compact, modular, horizontal, DVS, various structural forms of vertical mixing station.
With the construction of concrete works technology continues to progress and commercial concrete application and promotion of concrete preparation device performance and functionality requirements continue to increase. At the same time, have been developed and applied fly ash, slag powder active mineral admixtures and expanders, superplasticizer, pumping agent, retarder, reinforcing agents, accelerators, antifreeze, plastics additives, etc. , raw material for preparing concrete element increases, the stirring station configuration and technical requirements have been increased. Compared with earlier products now concrete mixing station configuration and technical conditions either complete sets of equipment, or machine function and performance, as well as the applicability and reliability of the product have a significant change and significant progress.
Mixing system host using JS series twin-shaft compulsory mixer has good feet homogeneous concrete, mixing time is short, long consumable life, easy operation and maintenance, etc., it uses the latest design ideas of electronic weighing, computer control digital display control technology, electronic volume with buffer device and automatic compensation function, high accuracy. On aggregate system with a large belt width herringbone material with boardwalk, the majority of the construction unit ideal for the production of high-quality concrete.
professional cement auger screw conveyor
new condition used 30 tons cement silo

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