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The structure and characteristics of cylindrical roller bearing
plugged graphite bearing,plugged graphite bushing, graphite plugged bronze bushing and race is line contact, the radial load capacity is big, both optimum FB090 bronze bushings used under heavy load and shock load, also suitable for high speed rotation.

N type and NU type axial movement, can suitable agricultural machinery bearing should be caused by thermal expansion or installation error of shaft and the shell of the relative position changes, the most suitable for free end bearing.

NJ type and NF type can withstand a certain degree of one-way axial load, NH and NUP type transformer oil cylinder can be copper liner under a certain degree of two-way axial load.Inner ring or outer ring separable, ease of installation.

NNU model and NN model of radial load resistance strong rigidity, mostly used for machine tool spindle.

FC) FCD) FCDP model can bear larger radial load, it is mainly used for rolling mill roll.

Such bearings are mainly used for medium and large motors, generators, internal combustion engines, gas turbine, machine tool spindle, speed reducer, handling machinery, all kinds of industrial machinery.

Single row cylindrical roller bearings

Plugged graphite bushing NU type and N type allows axis relative to the shell axial moving in a certain range, it is suitable for as a free end bearing.

NJ and NF can withstand a certain degree of axial load in one direction.

NUP and NFP can withstand a certain degree of two of the axial direction of movement, it is suitable for as a free end bearing.

Double row cylindrical roller bearings

Double row cylindrical roller bearing bore cylindrical and conical two.

In addition to bearing outer ring oil hole and the groove.

Most of these bearings are used in the machine tool spindle, but also can be used for other occasions.

Four row cylindrical roller bearings

Four row Hydraulic Seal Series can withstand the big radial direction load and impact load, high machining accuracy, suitable for high speed.Mostly used in rolling mill roll, but also can be used for other occasions.

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