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The maintenance of motor bearing
Equipment maintenance of the spherical plain bearings account ", "motor account",  >,  > four information database, and automatically generates the  > and  >.Industrial production line is characterized by: class three continuous operation equipment, composite bearing down a day every week maintenance equipment. > and  > and  >,  > : is the relationship between maturity need maintenance equipment bearings, motor bearings, bearing is computer according to the last equipment maintenance record.Motor bearing maintenance records, automatic query bearing maintenance cycle (artificially make different bearing maintenance cycle), and automatically generate the  > and  > two maintenance schedule.

Two copies of this maintenance tips,Filled and Modified Fluoroplastic Series can be in sliding bearing machine screen, can also be used by the printer to print out, to the mechanic to finish the self-lubricating bearing, and finally by the operator put the equipment within the date of last maintenance input to the computer, the computer automatically check calculation of bearing is not expire.Such as M01 grinder spindle bearing number is M011, maintenance period is half a year;Maintenance on March 1, 95, August 30, 95 in computer equipment maintenance tips, the equipment bearing is not shown, but until September 1, 95, the computer will display the equipment bearing should already have the maintenance time.Bearing to maintain this way, can make a virtuous cycle equipment daily maintenance work, the equipment failure is caused by bad bearing maintenance very little.
Why choose bearing and motor as a key maintenance?

Industrial production line with bearing type is various, the load, speed, temperature and environmental conditions are different, the lubricant filling is endless also and same, so according to these factors, make each bearing reasonable maintenance cycle.Bearing expires, a pipe system first automatic query  > maintenance cycle, and query the  > bearing the actual running time, the query again  > in the last maintenance date;Through calculation, the column of  >, and print out should maintain bearing number, name and the last date of maintenance, in accordance with the table maintenance mechanic bearing, then equipment management personnel to have within the bearing number and date input computer maintenance;Expires and list the new  >.Such, periodic maintenance of bearing, avoid artificial maintenance plan of the omissions and errors.So, want to do a good job in spherical bearings maintenance is the key to according to the different bearing running speed, load, temperature and other factors determine the reasonable maintenance cycle.

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