Note the use of concrete placing booms

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Note the use of concrete placing booms

After the concrete pouring is completed, it is necessary to use mortar and clean water in the pump tubing, pumping water for each use when cleaning is necessary to use scale cleaning balls and other objects should not be used instead of, after the cleaning is completed, go to lifting weights, After hanging cloth shaft to the next working position, after installation, hanging into the counterweight, repeat the previous work.
    Boom is not free to take a long, long time to be received, promised to concrete mixing batching plant in dubaiork in more than the required radius plus set a fixed support.
    Change position when the discharge port, with one sack will be exported wrap, avoid concrete fell on the ground, to another location on the material and then unlock.
    Ready for concrete placement of signal lines and radio, dual control, in the columns, walls concrete pouring, to ensure that the lamp pump stop, stop Li Ting, foreground pouring point required in advance 4S stopped, put out the lights, communication is necessary based hand carried out at night during the construction, coupled with the necessary control of concrete people flashlight, to see concrete pouring height.
    Test, with a large rope control concrete spout, and the lever arm intermediate curved split at its maximum scope week run.
    Take concrete pump tube, when taken over, it is necessary to check whether the full clean the pump tube, the interface is necessary to use a rubber gasket. After concrete pump pipe connector bolts should re-examine the case.
    Wind cable rope with cloth lever legs fixed, cable wind rope too tight, should stay out of boom force and deformation interval.
    Can not stand when the feed rod placed on the body to use when compacting frame tube legs, mounted on the ground floor.
    Mounted boom and counterweight boom intermediate requirements necessary to discharge hit 200 ~ 300mm, the foot support surface or wooden sleepers bedding, check whether the cloth club shaft vertical.
    Erection frame body boom placement, and the inspection and acceptance, to calculate the force parts of the frame body capacity, reinforcing the case of stable situation Twill member of the foundation.
    Check that the boom and tighten all bolts, whether normal hinge.
    The boom stand straight, see if you can stand straight in the case do not counterweight. (Boom normal circumstances are considered to be in the counterweight can not stand straight, as when lifting boom, common crane boom can not be hung up together with the counterweight, need to be lifted in two installation).
Concrete pump uses nine points
1. concrete pump should be fixed firmly in place after, before pumping should check whether steering pump valve seal is good, the gap should be kept within the allowable range, so that a reflux slurry is reduced to a minimum.
2. Concrete pump when the inspection found over deviation, welding electrode wear applications.
3. The existing test pump according to prescribed procedures, normal operation after delivery.
4. The concrete pump startup procedure is: Start hopper stirring blade - lubricating slurry injection hopper - Open shut-off valves - actuated concrete pumps - lubricating pump into the pipeline - the hopper filled with concrete pumping test.
5. The concrete pump drivers must undergo rigorous training, qualified before induction, the screen should be installed isolation large stones, screen size and maximum aggregate size matches the concrete pump hopper, and have someone monitor, find bulk materials , promptly removed.
6. Concrete pump pumping start, pay attention to the table and other parts of concrete hydraulic work state, generally at the outlet of the pump, prone to clogging. In case of blockage, the pump should be reversed, so that blockage concrete reflux, stirring it all and after pumping. If not effective, dismantle the pump should be shut down, clear blockage.
7. The concrete should ensure a continuous supply. If not continuous feed, galvanized sheet price with alphabet letter bending machine
 may slow down the pumping speed. When disconnected, the pump can not stop working, every 4-5 minutes, should be positive and negative rotation of the pump, to prevent mixing the pipe material agglomeration or precipitation, if the pumping stop more than 45 minutes, should be clear and clean and re-pumping .
8. concrete pumping concrete, should be continued to maintain a certain amount of concrete in the hopper, to prevent the hopper into the air, causing the concrete countercurrent, blockage is formed, if there is such a problem, you need to pump reverses, the concrete hopper to return, After the normal pumping out air.
9. pumping should be changed once every 2h wash tank of water, and check the pump cylinder stroke, are subject to change, time to adjust. To reduce the cylinder walls uneven wear, the best start the long journey. Only at startup and when concrete slump small short-range pumping concrete. When transporting concrete vertically upwards, due to water hammer, can make concrete reverse flow, decrease transportation efficiency, the higher the pipes, the more obvious.Solution: Set between the pump and the vertical pipe section 10m above the level of the tube, in order to counteract the momentum of the impact of falling concrete; concrete pump out near the spout plus stop valve.
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