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Inviato il 14 Marzo 2016, 08:48:41


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"Now, more and more business cooperation with the brands, let my heart very happy. Not that what a great business cooperation, but Cheap Prom Dresses Online glad these partners recognition of our expertise." "But, slowly served Some bride, I found that I liked to call such a wedding makeup artist. beautiful new day presents and heartfelt thanks recognition has inspired me. "" wedding for most brides, it really is a big dreams while he is one of the protagonists dreams can accomplish their dreams as part of, it is really a very happy and proud thing. "" each and every industry has its own professional roles exist meaning and value. how to choose depends on your own, agree or disagree. "Star Lan always like a miracle in the development of the industry. Two years ago, turned out to become a new benchmark for the industry, it seems that only the blink of an eye kung fu. But all it looks for granted. Whenever people would see themselves star Lan works: one happy moment was unique approach to recording and presenting a vivid and beautiful. We lamented the wedding photography industry is gradually rigid template style wedding filled, star Lan humanistic style shooting techniques with more irreplaceable component. Star Lan studio image hidden in Changle Road is set in a old house, full of cultural atmosphere and stylish personalized work environment is the creative team about the source of vitality and passion. And Sails and Orange where he spent a beautiful sunny afternoon, quietly listening to them talk about their ideals and career: fine arts origin Sails how because by chance, into the wedding photography industry? Distinctive Japanese and US Department of two kinds of style and how formed? What cultural atmosphere blockbuster? Together to listen to part of their story. And Tony, Tina very pleasant chat. Husband Mermaid Prom Dresses 2016 and wife team called two 80 after the younger generation of entrepreneurs model: talented, passionate, dreams persist. From 2005 founding date, they used more than four years time the studio did very well. Exaggerated, facial expressions are very happy Tony & Tina unique photographic style. Even when I saw them filled with happiness wedding will easily be feeling happy picture publicity impressed. Speaking of that year opened the studio in mind, love of photography Tony want most is the motive for each couple to leave their happiest moments, and not stereotyped. It is probably based on this concept, only the modern fashion large, natural style scene photos, the truth burst of happy moments ...... Fun between a variety of creative styles, this young couple can ease. Talented people in the photography industry, however, Tony & Tina are obviously unique.

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