Nine concrete pump Features

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<strong>Nine concrete pump Features</strong>
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    <p>Concrete pump, also known as concrete pumps, the pump and delivery tube. Is a use of pressure, mechanical concrete continuously transported along the pipeline, mainly used in housing construction, bridge and tunnel construction. Is currently divided into gate valve concrete pump and concrete pump S valves. Yet another is the pump instackable type cement silo easy to use in chinastalled in the vehicle chassis, and then equip scalable or inflected boom, which consistsof pump concrete pump delivery performance features the following main points ʱ??</p>
    <p>1, triple pump open system, hydraulic circuit without disturbing each other, the system is running.
    2, with anti-pump function, plugging in favor and remove the fault, and a short period of downtime to be expected.
    3, the use of advanced S tube distribution valve, which automatically compensate for wear gap, good sealing performance.
    4, wear-resistant alloy glasses plate cutting ring and float, and long service life.
    5, expected long-stroke cylinder, extending the life of the pot and the piston.
    6, optimal design of the hopper for easy cleaning, better suction performance.
    7, automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure the effective operation of the machine lubrication.
    8, with remote control action, the operation more safe and convenient.
    9, all the components used in all GB, interchangeability good.</p>
<strong>Concrete pump tips</strong>
<p>Concrete pump in use, there are also techniques to master a number of concrete pump tips to help you make better use of concrete pumps, the following sections of concrete pump manufacturers for everyone brief look.</p>
<p>1, the operator and associated equipment managers should read the instruction manual and grasp the structural principle, use and maintenance of the knowledge and pumping concrete; the use and operation of concrete pump, should be strictly in accordance with  the instruction manual because an operator to complete. master the mechanical properties need to have a process, so use instructions should be randomly set aside. Meanwhile, should develop specific action points based on manual, to achieve effective control of pumping technology in some variables, such as the position of the pump, piping layout, etc. ʱ??</p>
<p>2, the supporting concrete pumps ground should be flat, solid; machine required horizontal course of their work should not tilt legs should stably support machine, and locked or securely fixed pump position necessary to facilitate the concrete. mixer truck in and out of the hopper and feed, but also beneficial to consider pumping and piping to reduce the pumping pressure loss, and to ask from the pouring location near convenient power and water supply.</p>
<p>3, should be based on the characteristics of the construction site and concrete placement scheme piping, piping design to the level of checking whether the pipeline in terms of distance from the concrete pumps and pumping adapt. Piping should be possible to shorten the length of the pipeline, with less elbow and hoses should be easy to transport pipe laying pipe cleaning, troubleshooting, and disassembly and maintenance.  When the new pipes and old pipe mix, should the new pipe installation in pumping pressure at large. piping process should draw piping Jane chart showing the various pipe fittings, tube cards, pipe and hose size and number, and provide a list.</p>
<p>4, to be perpendicular to the pipe, increasing with increasing height that is potential, there is upward trend reflux concrete, and therefore should be laid horizontal pipe length between the concrete pump and vertical piping, in order to ensure sufficient resistance of concrete to prevent reflux When pumping concrete high-rise buildings require vertical pipe up, at which time the ground level pipe length less than 1/4 the length of the vertical tube. As a result of space limitations, can not be placed above the required length of hose, we can use the elbow or hose instead.</p>
<p>5, concrete pumping, pumping with pressure increases, pumping the impact will force the tube back and forth, not only the loss of the pumping pressure, but the connection between parts of the pump tube shocks and discontinuities in subject pull the state, can lead to premature failure of control card and apron, slurry overflow, and therefore must be fixed to the pump.</p>
<p>6, concrete pump in communication with the delivery tube, the pump should be concrete instructions for the full inspection, in order to meet the requirements after the boot empty running. No-load operation after 10min, then check whether the agencies or the system is working properly.</p>
<p>7, in the construction of the hot season, it is appropriate wet straw bags, wet concrete covered with drop cloths and other things duct to avoid direct sunlight to prevent the collapse of the concrete due to the rapid fall of the loss caused by blocked tubes.</p>
<p>8, when the winter cold areas of concrete pumping construction, should take appropriate insulation measures, it is appropriate insulation material encased concrete pipes, cold concrete to prevent the inner tube.</p>
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