New environmentally friendly materials wood - plastic composite materials

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Wood-plastic composite materials is waste plastic, wood powder as raw materials for the production of a wide range of composite materials. The processing principle is: the waste plastic and the use of non-use value of wood fiber (wood chips, bamboo powder, rice husk, straw, etc.) by a certain percentage of mixing, and add special additives, high temperature, extrusion, molding and other technology Into a certain shape of the profile. The specific process is: the crushed plastic, wood powder raw material particles, after pre-treatment, according to a certain proportion of the full mixing, and filled with a heating function of the equipment cavity, the screw squeeze, the delivery to the mold Runner for cooling.
First, the main features of wood-plastic composite products
Good processing performance - wood-plastic composite materials containing polyester and fiber, therefore, with the same wood with the processing performance, can be sawed, can be nailed, planer, the use of woodworking tools can be completed, and grip nail force was excellent In other synthetic materials. Good strength properties - wood-plastic composites contain polyester, which has a good elastic modulus. In addition, due to the inclusion of lignocellulose and resin curing, and thus have a hardwood comparable to the compression, impact and other physical and mechanical properties, and its durability is significantly better than ordinary wood materials. Excellent water resistance, corrosion resistance - wood-plastic materials and their products, can be resistant to strong acid, water, corrosion resistance, and do not breed bacteria, not susceptible to insects, not long fungus.
Second, the main application of wood-plastic composite products and areas
Trays, crates and other packaging products - wood plastic materials used in the packaging industry is mainly trays (Southeast Asia, also known as card board), crates, containers, etc., the amount is quite large. Take trays only, for example, North America tray up to more than 200 million. According to the Japan Pallets Association (JRP) statistics, the amount of Japanese pallets per year about 6 million. China Logistics and Purchasing Federation Pallet Professional Committee predicted that in recent years, the average use of China's wooden pallets may be more than 20 million per year.
Planking, paving beams and other warehousing products - wood-plastic materials because of the resistance to tide, resistant, anti-insects and other characteristics, and mainly used in the storage industry to use the shelf plate, sleepers, paving beams, flooring and so on. In China, the storage industry, although the application of wood-plastic materials has just begun, but in the first half of 2002, applied to the pharmaceutical industry, grain storage industry, the amount of wood-plastic storage board to reach more than 80,000 square meters, used in the military field of wood Plastic sleepers use up to 200,000 meters.
Housing, flooring, building templates and other building materials - in recent years, North America, the use of wood-plastic composite materials produced by the housing, outdoor flooring, sun room, docks, fence and other products more and more manufacturing products such as the annual output value Up to billions of dollars.
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