NBA Mobile Coins because Durant and Curry

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Inviato il 09 Giugno 2017, 09:36:13


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In the indelible words of the late Dennis Green,NBA Mobile Coins "crown their [expletive]."

The Golden State Warriors broke a city's collective heart on Wednesday night, holding off the Cleveland Cavaliers for a Game 3 win and effectively ending the 2017 NBA Finals.Once you would like to get NBA Live Mobile Coins. NBAMTAH is the best site for NBA Live Mobile Coins For Sale selling. You can make a comparison with other sites.

Kevin Durant was the man who slayed Cleveland, draining a dagger 3-pointer with less than a minute left NBA Mobile Coins, just when it looked like the Cavaliers had figured out how to topple the Warriors. KD finished with 31 points, eight rebounds, four assists, and his very first Larry O'Brien trophy to go along with NBA Finals MVP.

Okay, you're right. Durant won't get his hands on the hardware until the Dubs actually finish off this series — which will come Friday, when Golden State wins Game 4 to sweep the Cavaliers.

I know what you're thinking. After last year's 3-1 comeback, why would anyone dare write off LeBron James & Co. before the Cavs lose four games in the Finals?

Sorry, friends, but that's wishful thinking. This year is nothing like 2016 — nothing.

Start with the obvious: the 73-win Warriors didn't have that Kevin Durant guy. Adding a former MVP who's roughly 80 feet tall and made of thermonuclear devastation sort of changes the equation from one year to the next, especially since Golden State resolved any potential "alpha dog" conflict between Durant and Stephen Curry within the first three months of the season.

There was no feeling out period like LeBron had with Dwyane Wade in Miami,NBA Mobile Coins because Durant and Curry are perfect complements to one another. That's what makes them so devastating — and why they'll complete the job at hand on Friday.

And Golden State is hungry — for revenge, in the case of those who suffered last year's ultimate embarrassment, for the chance to make history as the first team to go 16-0 in the playoffs, and for that first taste of championship glory for guys like Durant, David West, and JaVale McGee NBA Mobile Coins.

Cleveland's hungry, sure, but it's the kind of hunger you feel when you skip lunch and have to wait for a late dinner. You'll survive if you don't eat.

There's no comparison to 2016, when LeBron was trying to bring a title home for the first time while silencing his ever-present critics.

Good to hear from you all after The King went scoreless for the final four minutes of Game 3, by the way, LeBron haters NBA Mobile Coins.Cheap Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins at NBAMTAH. Enjoy instant delivery in 5-30 mins. Here we also provide 24/7 online kind service and 100% security guarantee.

Anyway, I'm not one to play the "one team wanted it more" card and think that's the difference in a series, per se. The Cavaliers had plenty of motivation to try to "Defend the Land" when this series started. They still rallied down 2-0 on Wednesday.

If Kyrie Irving hits a 3, or if Durant's shot rattles out, or if LeBron steps up to defend that KD 3, we're talking about how the defending champions responded with their back against the wall.

Down 3-0 and with a ring in the jewelry case, though, human nature dictates the Cavs roll over on Friday.

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