Moisture-proof floor mats are not the thicker the better

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Inviato il 27 Gennaio 2016, 07:44:00


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Mats are barrier between the floor and the ground, which mainly play the role of moisture and balance in the flooring in the market by selling mats products are generally able to meet the basic requirements of users, now some brands also introduced various "function mats", such as aluminum floor mats, used wood floor for sale, paper place mats, the user can choose to use as needed.
Xiao Bian visited the market found that the current wide range of mats, roughly ordinary floor mats, aluminum mats, plastic film mats, special plastic mats, mats and other moisture-proof paper. Plastic film mats mainly to see its toughness, good toughness mats it is also very good; and aluminum mats should pay attention to their aluminum and plastic film bonding surface is close, it's a good aluminum mats That layer of aluminum is not easy to fall off.
In addition, the rich benefit flooring store sales personnel, should pay attention to in the purchase of moisture-proof pad, floor mat is not the thicker the better, generally about 2 cm on it. If too thick, floor room for maneuver is relatively large, easy bagging a long time. He also said that from the point of view moisture resistance, better than wood and floors, but the most common plastic film. Because it looks dry ground again, when there will be tidal heating evaporated, so geothermal heating required in conjunction with PE damp proof membrane. But also requires proof PE film having a certain thickness and good environmental protection.

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