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should pay attention to the glaze cracking resistance and strength, wall and floor tiles with good quality, bibulous rate is low the glaze cracking resistance is good, is when the choose and buy in the back drop a drop of water, to see how fast water imbibition, slow water imbibition is better.6, bathroom tile whether level off to see if the surface level off, the presence of uneven thickness of the pinhole.When the choose and buy to knock hear sound, sound is crisp,

high density and hardness.The above content is house small make up to share with you the toilet of ceramic tile of choose and buy skills and matters needing attention of choose and buy, hope can help you in your bathroom ceramic tile of choose and buy, if you want to learn more knowledge of ceramic tile of choose and buy, please continue to focus on house decoration.Nowadays, lamps and lanterns has not only a simple lighting equipment, but also an important part of modern domestic decoration, by the light of the light color, shape and combination can foil bedroom atmosphere,

different basins for household life add luster.Therefore, choose a suitable lamps and lanterns, is indispensable to build perfect household space material.Leishi brand is more popular in the market of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, different series lamp is acted the role of colorful, dazzling, can meet the needs of different consumers.Come and play house below small make up details about leishi lamps and lanterns.
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