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 With the development of social and economic development, modern people began to pay attention to the quality of life, many new houses have floor balcony, open platform, garden, living space extends out, outdoor furniture naturally come into use, in the courtyard placed a few chairs or Swing, invite friends to chat with their friends, or leisure time with their families to share Tianlun, enjoy the rare leisure time, close contact with nature, breathe fresh air, is now the number of busy city people wish, but the selection of outdoor furniture Is not simple, but also pay attention to vary from home due to outdoor furniture exposed to the outside, to withstand the sun and rain at any time of the washing, so pay special attention to the material of outdoor furniture.
 I. Rattan furniture features: natural breathable
   Because the pottery of the excellent flexibility, is the hands of the designer "can make the material", so the furniture in the shape of the creativity and freshness are other materials can not be compared, rattan outdoor furniture, there are many, such as format leisure chair , The moon and so on. In addition, the choice of rattan to coarse, are called no color of the vine for the quality of rattan, toughness, low tensile strength broken. When you buy, you can rub the surface of the Tuo Teng bar, with particular attention to the part of the rough or rugged feeling.
Two imitation rattan furniture features: easy to care
    Easy to clean, moisture-proof, non-mold life long, strong solid, anti-ultraviolet, do not fade, imitation rattan furniture is also very plastic, it can be made with the same weir the same weaving effect, In the color and very varied, such as made of dirty black and gray, is a bold attempt. If there is room for the rest of the room, put a fake rattan sofa bed is the best, wide and comfortable bed like an open arms, which can enjoy the sun, leisure outdoor furniture.
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