Los Angeles Rams are all looking for more talent at quarterback

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BYU football legend Taysom Hill signed with the Green Bay Packers after the NFL Draft. Now, with his slate of preseason games over, what are his odds of making the roster?

Taysom Hill left BYU football with a legacy of explosive plays and “what might have beens.” He was unquestionably one of the best athletes to ever come through Provo, but he was unfortunately derailed by injuries for most of his career.

So no one would have blamed him if he hung up his cleats after he ran his final play on November 26, 2016 against Utah State.

But he didn’t. Instead, he worked to get healthy and competed at BYU football’s NFL Pro Day. He put up some eye popping numbers, but he was still a longshot to make it in the NFL.

Then he signed with the Green Bay Packers. And throughout the preseason, he’s made play after play for the Packers.

So can he make the roster?

In short, yes he can.

When looking at the NFL preseason https://www.packersgbstore.com/aaron-ripkowski-jersey-c-73.html, it isn’t as helpful to look at the box score as it is to give players the “eye test.”

Teams are playing guys who are striving to earn a spot on a 53 man roster. So stats might get skewed if a player is competing against a second or third team defense or offense .

The good news for Hill is he certainly passed the eye test.

Preseason Week One Eagles at Packers

This was the first time Hill competed in a game since the aforementioned contest with Utah State last November. While he had ditched the blue and white of BYU football for the green and yellow of the Packers, he was still doing Taysom things.

He completed 4 of 5 passes for 69 yards and a touchdown, then added two carries for 14 yards.
Hill demonstrated he had the arm strength necessary to make NFL level throws, but also showed some touch on his passes something he didn’t always do with BYU football .

Still Clay Matthews Jersey, the best part about the game was that he looked healthy. Truly healthy. He moved well, wasn’t afraid to take off and played well.

His head coach, Mike McCarthy summed it up well after the game.
Preseason Week Two Packers at Redskins

Hill once again proved he can hang with NFL athletes in week two of the preseason.
He completed 6 of 11 passes for 49 yards, which admittedly isn’t great. However, he did provide some highlights on the ground – like the Taysom Hill of old.

Hill led the team in rushing, amassing 38 yards on six carries – including this vicious run.
He made some good decisions, again not committing a turnover. We also got to see some of his trademark fire and passion.

Hill didn’t play a snap in week three – which is traditionally the tune up game for starters/backups first and second teamers . But the next week he was back in action.

Preseason Week Four Rams at Packers

In his preseason finale, Hill once again made plays.

He had a perfect night passing, completing  https://www.packersgbstore.com/richard-rodgers-jersey-c-75.html all four of his attempts for 31 yards and a touchdown. However, most of the yardage came off this pass to Aaron Peck.
On the ground he took two carries for 19 yards. After the game, McCarthy was again complimentary of Hill, but was non committal regarding roster decisions.

Still, Hill is turning heads.
Does Hill Make The Cut?

So, will he make the roster?

It may be too soon to say https://www.packersgbstore.com/aaron-rodgers-jersey-c-74.html, but I’m not sure there’s much more he can do. He’s shown the game isn’t too fast for him, he’s shown that healthy isn’t a concern and he’s led scoring drives when in the game.

In fact, in seven preseason drives Hill’s led, the Packers have scored 24 points.

Aaron Rodgers is a durable quarterback, so even though most teams carry three quarterbacks, Green Bay might opt to just keep Rodgers and second string QB Brett Hundley.

But, if the Packers want to keep three quarterbacks, it seems like Hill is head and shoulders above Joe Callahan. Plus, if the Packers do cut Hill, they’ll surely lose him. Teams like the New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Rams are all looking for more talent at quarterback – so Hill will have plenty of options.

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And really, good for him. I can’t really think of a player more deserving. He’s worked through so much to get to this point – and he deserves all the credit in the world for that.

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