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With the surge in the total building volume and the increasing demand for the comfort of the living environment, the building energy consumption is showing a sharp upward trend, coupled with the global shortage of resources, so that the domestic build low-carbon life, building a green society is facing enormous challenges , The development of green building will have important economic and social significance. Through the development of green building materials to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, so as to promote sustainable development, has become the building materials industry and real estate developers to reach a consensus.
Experts pointed out that non-toxic, harmless, pollution-free plastic building materials, will become the hot market demand for this century. The main application areas of plastic building materials are plastic doors and windows, plastic pipes, plastic flooring and so on. As the plastic building materials with light weight, low cost, etc., in the building has been widely used. At present, China's plastic pipe market annual growth rate of 15%; doors and windows, in the next decade, China's existing building windows and doors to transform the formation of the market will exceed one trillion yuan; insulation materials, the industry is expected the next 3 to 5 years , Polyurethane insulation materials in the construction area of ​​the application ratio will reach 30% -40%, and may even reach 50%. The global actively promote energy conservation, plastic building materials industry to provide a major development opportunities. "CHINAPLAS2014 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition" this year will be "green and plastic innovation to build eternal" as the theme, and plastic building materials industry, the pace of green consistent.
In order to meet the needs of high-performance, low-pollution and low-emission enterprises, this year's "CHINAPLAS2014 Chinaplas" will launch a number of special events on the theme of "Green and Plastic Innovation to Build Eternity", allowing visitors and exhibitors to experience at the show Industry, the application of new technologies and trends in environmental protection, and promote the reduction of consumption, to plastic generation, the concept of recycling.
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