Insulation materials

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Insulation materials and products is an important factor affecting the EEB. Development and application of building materials more and more widespread attention around the world. After the 1970s, foreign widespread attention to the production and application of Eco Friendly Polymer Decking Wholesale,Outdoor Floor,Composite Wall Panel,Composite Outdoor Furniture - Shanghai Seven Trust materials in the construction, and strive to significantly reduce energy consumption, thereby reducing environmental pollution and the greenhouse effect. Foreign material industry has a long history, the vast majority of building energy-saving materials, and new materials are constantly emerging.

Polyurethane is the best international performance materials. Rigid polyurethane has many excellent properties, in United States and Europe are widely used in building roofs, walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows as insulation. Building materials in Europe and America and other developed countries, about 49 percent of the polyurethane material, while the flooring over decks proportion in China is still less than 10%. Thus, polyurethane materials in China there is still much room for development. China building energy-saving materials market is large, especially in building materials. China Housing residential energy loss is roughly about 50% of the wall; roof about 10%; doors and windows about 25%; in the basement and on the ground about 15%. Chinese buildings to achieve energy saving rate in 2010 of 50%, the need for a comprehensive transformation of the building's exterior, wall materials market will increase dramatically.

Types and application materials There are many types of materials, but also a wide range of applications. Commonly used are: glass wool products, dimensional tolerance insulation blankets, insulation foam glass and polyurethane. The use of glass wool products: Air conditioning, duct, steel, boilers, precipitators, steam pipes. Victoria resistant insulation blankets purposes: insulation and protection of petroleum, chemical, thermal power, steel, nonferrous metals, industrial furnaces and other thermal composite wood deck water play equipment industries. Ships, trains, automobiles, aircraft and other transportation equipment high temperature insulation. Appliances insulation, as grill, oven, toaster, microwave. Dipped in resin processed into a plate, real estate construction and air-conditioners excellent liner insulation, sound deadening material. Insulating foam glass uses: building walls, roof and other energy-saving building waterproofing applications. A variety of industrial furnace flue liners and various civilian applications of cold storage, warehouses and subways, tunnels and other infrastructure insulation applications.

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