if they had to make one more strapless gow

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But it's not even the underarms,the explosion of breasts or having to stare at bare backs during the wedding service; it's that ugly "tug."I've seen brides and bridesmaids -- who have great poise otherwise and look good in their strapless gown (from most angles) -- do that awkwardly www.promdresses2016.us.com unattractive underarm "yank and tug" like they're in the privacy of the ladies' room instead while everyone's actually looking on! I understand that the gown feels like it's falling off,but if brides don't want their wedding remembered for such "oops" moments,then maybe every strapless gown should come with a must-read "code of conduct" before wearing.(Although there was no correlation in the strapless trend and the closing of my lovely bridal art-to-wear shop in Atlanta at the end of 1999,my Cheap Prom Dresses Online designers did vow to strike if they had to make one more strapless gown.And that was almost 15 years ago!)All that said,every generation has their share of "How could I have done that?" kind of trends.Maybe it'll be okay if we make choices as best we can and just hope there's no cell phone camera around at those awkward moments when we assume no one is looking.(And with the high divorce rate,you think it's true all that black worn at weddings does indeed deliver ominous wishes for the bride and groom?) Even more than ever,it's a brave new world! "Bohemian black-tie"? "Farmhouse chic"?Wedding dress codes are becoming increasingly creative and theme-specific,often leaving guests with a sartorial conundrum of trying to decipher exactly what to wear."[Many couples] want to be different and want their event to stand out," Harmony Walton,owner Prom Dresses 2016 of L.A-based bridal concierge The Bridal Bar,tells TODAY.com about the trend in non-traditional dress codes."I see a lot of 'California casual','coastal chic' and even 'Silverlake chic'".Walton adds that the trend started with destination weddings,with couples wanting to further capture the sense of the location or create an overall color palette that would look striking in pictures."We would see a lot of calls for certain colors," she says."For instance,all-white attire,especially at a beach location,is a really beautiful way to get gorgeous pictures.

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