How To Understand God Through These Final Commandments

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Wandering aimlessly across the desert and nearly dying of hunger and thirst, Moses finally arrives in Midian, a small village, where he is rescued by a family with seven sisters. Six of the sisters compete over him by performing a belly dance, wishing for Moses to choose one of them as his wife, but Moses rejects each of them and marries Sephora, the oldest one, who did not compete.

Back in Egypt, Pharaoh Seti I dies and Rameses becomes the new Pharaoh (Rameses II) in his place. Meanwhile, Joshua manages to escape from slavery and wander into Midian, where he meets Moses and tells him that he must go back to Egypt to rescue the slaves. Moses tells Joshua that he saw a burning bush atop Mt. Sinai, which he takes to be a sign from God. Love Commands He climbs the mountain and finds the burning bush.

God then speaks to Moses, telling him to remove his shoes. Moses asks God what he must do to try to free the slaves. God then tells Moses that he must return to Egypt and tell the Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go, using the name "I am that I am" for God. Once Moses returns from the mountain, he has a long beard and Joshua and Sephora know from looking at him that he has spoken to God and that he is more than an ordinary man.

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