How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

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As we all know, the upcoming release of Galaxy Note 8 might be Samsung's first with a dual camera mobile phone, so Samsung released the contents of the motor is very likely that the ability to take pictures for Note 8 introduction.

Although Samsung Motor announced the content did not exceed our understanding of the dual camera module, but the details are still worth mentioning. According to the introduction, Samsung's dual camera module has the following functions:
Smart zoom (3 x ray zoom)
Depth of field induction (refocusing and postprocessing)
Greatly improved the ability to shoot weak light
Upgraded HDR capabilities
Perspective (adjust the angle around the subject)
Background effects (similar to blur and other blur effects)

Samsung recently won the 3x zoom optical Fangdou dual camera system Galaxy Note 8 patents, and is expected to combine with 12 million pixels and 13 million pixels wide angle lens telephoto lens, in order to improve the low light shooting ability, 3D mapping and distance measurement. These details and the introduction of Samsung Motors are basically consistent. So, this phone camera ability is really worth looking forward to.

Are you wanting to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note to replace the old Galaxy phone, and also looking for a simple way to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung Note 8 due to all kinds of reasons? Well, please don't worry, to save your time and energy, I can not miss the Phone to Phone Transfer.

Phone to Phone Transfer is an all-in-one yet easy-to-use data transfer tool that allows you to Transfer Music, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Messages, Calendars, Apps and other files from one mobile phone to another in three simple steps:

Download, install and run the transfer program on your computer.
Connect your Samsung phones to computer with USB cables.
Select the data you wanted and transfer them from phone to phone.

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Mobile Transfer is highly recommended software because it's very reliable and able to transfer all types of data from old phone to the new.

Transfer Data Photos Contacts from Samsung to Galaxy Note 8

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To transfer data between phone to phone, android transfer is a useful transfer tool that make data transfer workable between two phones even if they run the different operating system. You can also use it to transfer any data like contacts, messages, videos, pictures, songs, call history, notes, bookmarks, and so on. The steps to operate it are easy to follow.
how to transfer photos between android and computer
how to transfer photos from android to android

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