How to Transfer Contacts from Android to OnePlus 5T?

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With the gradual release of OnePlus 5T, the famous running website Geekbench has finally appeared a group of running data of this new machine, and shows that the machine's model is A5010, pre installed Android7.1.1 system, with 8GB RAM memory and equipped with Xiaolong 835 processor. From the running score, the highest score of OnePlus 5T single core is 1975, which has reached the 2000 mark, and the multi-core achievement is the highest 6742, in the same type of machine is in a very good level.

Some unfortunately, according to foreign media and to use the video box according to the information disclosed by the display, the machine is installed Android7.1.1 system, instead of the new Android 8 system, the battery capacity is still with the mobile phone at 3300 Ma, has not increased to 3450 Ma as the past rumors, there is no wireless charging fortunately, still support Dash flash charge (5V/4A) technology, the charging speed or good performance.

So, if you planning to buy a new OnePlus 5T to replace the old Android phone, and wanting to sync all your data like contacts, photos, messages, music and more between the phones, to transfer contacts from Android to OnePlus 5T, then you can miss the Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer to help move data between Android and other devices without any quality loss. With its help, you can easily transfer contents including contacts, music, photos, videos, apps, and more. So, you can easily transfer anything you like from any Galaxy phone to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by using this tool.

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Mobile Transfer, an all-in-one transfer tool, has been highly appreciated. It enables you to backup your phone, restore data from Backups, as well as transfer data from one device to another.

Transfer Data Contact Photos from Android to OnePlus 5T

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Want to transfer contacts from android to android? Many people need to copy the valuable info to a new phone. Then they search on the internet, but find nothing. Well, don't worry, you can transfer your data between different phones based on a different OS with android transfer app. It is a outstanding tool that can help you copying files between two OS's, including contacts, apps, music, photos, videos, call logs, messages and more. You can follow it to have a try.
how to transfer contacts between android and computer

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